one day

until very recently, when you want to go to the Helsinki-Vantaa airport, you could not reach it by train. there are buses, of course, but as you know when traveling with big luggage it might be a bit hard for you to stow them in the bus, and the ones that actually let you put them in the trunk usually don’t have that many stops in the city. luckily for us, our prayers were heard and finally, a few weeks ago they opened the new railroad that connects the airport to the other parts of the city.

this certainly calls for a test drive, but we also had another thing in mind.

i am one of those people who like to stay at a hotel, even just for one night, just to feel the luxury of it. what, nobody else enjoys this? :p anyway, sometimes i even do this when the hotel is actually near my home. it’s still a great escape from your ordinary, day-to-day life, a change of scenery, etc. i definitely encourage you to try it when you have nothing else to do. sometimes it even makes me feel like a tourist in my own city. you see things differently somehow when you’re staying away from your home, no matter how nearby it actually is. i’m glad my husband also enjoys this (see? i’m not the only one!)

so to make this airport train test drive complete, we also decided to stay for a night… in Copenhagen! 😀

first, our journey started with the train ride.

for now there is not yet an exit straight at the airport, so they provide a free shuttle bus to both terminals at the airport (the whole ride takes about 3 minutes). the shuttle bus comes in every 8-10 minutes, maybe even quicker sometimes. so it really isn’t the end of the world if you just missed the previous one, the next one will come right away! 🙂 later in October, the exit at the airport should be done and so you can access the train straight from the airport & vice versa. perfect timing for autumn/winter, since you won’t need to step outside at all!

the flight to Copenhagen took a very short time, and just like that we had a change of sceneries!

you might remember that i had been complaining about the rainy weather at my place… so it was really nice to be greeted with a sunny & warm day in Copenhagen. it was about 6 pm when we arrived, so we didn’t have much time to explore the downtown area anymore since the stores & attraction places close at 6, 7, and 8 pm already. when we took a walk around the central railway station, there were many interesting looking stores that were already closed. oh well!

i must admit that i had no idea what to see in Copenhagen. i had heard of some places like Tivoli, and some museums, but since it was already quite late i didn’t feel like paying the admission fees just for an hour’s worth of sightseeing. so we decided to just walk around. our feet brought us to the King’s Garden by chance, where we caught a glimpse of the Castle. it was also nice to just see the shapes of the buildings on the streets, the houses in quieter areas.

a little while ago, i just saw a picture of a free street library in Dusseldorf – Germany posted by Indonesia in My Pocket blog. i thought it was a brilliant idea, and though in Finland you can find a similar thing at the Helsinki-Vantaa airport, it’s still a different sight when the bookshelf is outdoor on some street.

so when i saw it myself in Copenhagen near the beach, i got overly excited and just had to take a picture of it! imagine taking a book you like from there and spending the whole day at the beach to read it. nice way to spend a summer day! unfortunately of course all the books were in Danish, so i didn’t take any, nor did i have any book with me to leave on the shelf.

after eating dinner and buying food for the next day’s breakfast, it was 9 pm and we still decided to continue with our stroll.

this time we decided to explore the beach. we took the metro and stopped at the Femøren station, and walked towards the beach called Amager Beach Park.

i must say, this was a nice icing on the cake! it was a vast area of sandy beach, and it looked so nice i had a hard time trying to hold myself back from dipping myself to the water.

if there was one thing i knew well about Denmark other than their bakery goods, it was the cool Bridge TV series they have made in cooperation with Sweden. the original one, of course, not the US version. (seriously, if you like crime TV series as much as i do and have not yet seen the 2 seasons of this show, you MUST!) going to this lovely beach and seeing the bridge in the background was just perfect to sum up our extra mini holiday. 🙂

the next day, we didn’t have any free time at all but went straight to the airport where we jumped back into our plane and flew back home.


our ride back home was waiting patiently.

overall, it was a sweet little getaway. and it truly was the perfect reason to try on the new train to the airport! 😀

9 thoughts on “one day

  1. What a pity you didn’t arrive earlier in the day to see more of Copenhagen? Was there no earlier flight?
    Well, but I see all in all you had much fun!! 😀

    • hihi, that’s okay, originally we didn’t even plan on staying at all (just go there for a few hours and come back in the same day), so this was slightly better. we just didn’t know the stores & attractions close down earlier than here. but yes, we did have much fun in the very limited time! 🙂

  2. First off – I love going to a hotel even for a night and to a hotel that is only 15 minutes drive from my house. Hahaha! Another hifive.
    Your trip sound so fun! The library is so cute, such a good idea having it near a beach.
    Love the pictures of the beach.

    • really? LOL, this is the first time i heard someone else enjoys staying at a nearby hotel (other than my family & husband)!! 😀 isn’t it fun to do?
      i agree, it was smart having the library there. the beach was definitely the highlight of my trip this time! 🙂

  3. Ay, now I want to go to Copenhagen 🙂 I have been there three times but it sure would be a nice place to go to again. I have crossed the bridge by train from the Copenhagen airport, Kastrup to Malmö. It was nice 🙂

    • hehe, we also wouldn’t mind going there again someday, maybe for a longer time. 😀 it would also be nice to try the train to Malmö. then i’ll really be tracing the footsteps of Saga and Martin from the Bridge TV series, LOL!

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