flower(s) in the rain

so, mid of July and i can still count the amount of sunny summer days with one hand. the rest of this summer has so far been rainy, cloudy, windy, and just… rainy! i mean, i know my blog name has Rain in it, but come on… i think we’ve all had enough rain in spring (and will be getting more in autumn as well). *sigh*

since it’s been raining and i don’t really want to bike in the rain (or step out of the house… at all), i made use of the time to–what else–sew. again.


self-made dress, Oasap earrings, Swatch watch, Crocs ballerinas.

the last time i sewed something with flowery pattern, i had hoped for a nice warm summer with loads of real flowers everywhere. well, i’m sure the flowers actually are everywhere, just that thanks to the rain i don’t really feel like going out to see them & get soaked up at the same time. so these flowers on my dress will have to do for a while.

there’s a party coming up very soon, and though i had been excited about it for months, i didn’t really think of what i was going to wear… until about 2 weeks ago when i was talking about it with a few others who are also going to the party. i mean, of course i have a few dresses (pfffttt… too many, actually!), but i have worn them all before to similar events with the same people, and i don’t really want to wear anything ready-made that i bought from some store. i need it to be self-sewn, and i need it ASAP.

call it reading the future or just a plain coincidence, but i actually just bought this flowery fabric about a month ago, with no idea what to make from it (= my typical way of fabric shopping). it’s viscose jersey, so it falls beautifully and it means i could try making it appropriate enough for a semi-casual summer party. i quickly searched the internet for inspiration… and as always, & Other Stories never fail to inspire me.


pic borrowed from & Other Stories website.

it looked pretty easy to do, and i didn’t even want to think of how to attach the elastic band. i just did what i usually do, improvised as i went along. and i did not use any pattern at all for this project.


i don’t really like v-necklines (= i hate sewing it) so i changed the neckline to be a regular u-shaped one. i made the shoulders wider and had originally planned to add small sleeves for a more work-appropriate result, but when i tried it on without the sleeves it was actually wide enough to look like it has sleeves. and besides… since i only had like around 1,3 m of the fabric, i was starting to run out of it, so i threw away the sleeves idea.


i ended up sewing the gathering at the front by hand, so that part is not stretchy, and the idea is that i can “fix” the gathering when i put on the dress so that the hand sewing doesn’t show. i haven’t yet thought of a better solution, this one is the one that works so far… so long as i remember not to stretch that part when putting on/taking of the dress! πŸ˜€ otherwise the thread will snap and the dress won’t look so nice anymore. yep, don’t you just love a little bit of excitement?


put on some mega earrings and high heels, i’m ready to go to a party! dress it down with no accessories and plain slippers and i’m ready to go to work, or even to the beach! ahh, designers of & Other Stories, you are geniuses!



their dress is actually on sale the last time i went to their website, so you could get it for as low price as 19€. but what can i say, when i put my mind to wearing something self-made, i just can’t change it anymore. this one i made costed me about 8€ for the materials and 6 hours of work.


and that is well worth the work! i am super in love with this dress, and i can’t wait to wear it. so please, please, please stop raining!


10 thoughts on “flower(s) in the rain

    • hmm, the thought did cross my mind, but i was afraid it would show even more since the elastic thread is white. if i sew it from the back side it won’t look like the original dress, right? (different kind of gathering on the right side.)

  1. Cute! By the way, just remember something, i showed your blog to a friend of mine, and she asked if you would take orders (had told her that you live all the way in Finland, though 😐 ).

    • thankies! flattered to hear that someone wants to order from me, though i’m afraid she/he’ll faint when hearing my Finnish rate + shipping to Indonesia. πŸ˜€ (wouldn’t it be better to order from Mayestik? LOL!)

      • that depends on the clothing item. πŸ˜‰ i think the shipping cost would probably be 20-30€, so if the item is a gown or something as complicated, i would price it around 150-200€. but if it’s a simple dress or top, i guess the price of the clothing would be around the same as the shipping, perhaps slightly more.

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