Welcome to the rainy world of Sax Silverain.

I have to admit, I’m quite a pessimist in my everyday life. That is why I constantly have to remind myself that behind every cloud there is a silverlining-rain. Hence my blog header text. And you’ll soon find that most of my blogposts are written on positive notes (except, I guess, when I’m really angry).

In here, you’ll mostly find my latest sewing projects, my rants, my thoughts, my illustrations, and, although quite rarely, my short stories. Sometimes I’ll share some music videos or songs which have been playing in my head for far too long that I just have to spit them out in public. Basically, you’ll see my life as I see it.

You’re welcome to follow me, like my posts or leave me comments, but don’t expect me to do the same to you just because you do so. I’ll follow you, like your posts and leave you comments only if I do want to do it. Nevertheless, thanks for dropping by.

Enjoy your stay in the Silver Rain!

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