raining cats and dogs

you guessed it. it’s still a rainy summer, so i’ve been super duper bored this holiday. and what do i do when i’m bored? i take out my sewing machine (and overlocker), and sing, and sew like mad! yes, exactly in that order.


secondhand & remade Vogue t-shirt from UFF, secondhand Benetton blouse (worn inside t-shirt) from UFF, self-made skirt & necklace, ASOS cage shoes.

i’m sure you know the reason why i had to get this fabric. no? here, i’ll show you a closer picture of it.


that’s right, it’s raining featuring cats and dogs! oh! ❤

this was supposed to be a super quick project (like 3 hours max.), but i guess i subconsciously wanted to have more things to do so this ended up taking longer than i expected. first of all i made this using size 40 of the Burda pattern no. 7577 because, according to their size chart, i fall into that category. the result skirt was way too big. like 2 sizes too big. *sigh*

also since i used cotton jersey with no lining, i had no idea how to finish the top and bottom of this skirt. i ended up experimenting, failing, and experimenting again.


catndogskirtdetail3in the end, for both top & bottom i used twin needles but different coloured threads: white and black.

catndogskirt4it doesn’t show in the pictures, but the top part of the skirt actually covers my whole tummy. i didn’t use any elastic band nor zipper. even when i’ve made the skirt smaller from the sides, it’s still wide enough to fit me without any closure.

catndogskirt3if you look real close, the skirt isn’t really done neatly. it wasn’t my best sewing ever, but it’s wearable and i did only want it to be a quick, no-nonsense skirt. i’ve pretty much achieved it.

catndogskirt2an even quicker sewing project was the t-shirt i wore in these pics. i bought it from a secondhand store, UFF, when they were having sale so everything was only for 2€. it was just a plain t-shirt, in size L (a bit too big for me), but i liked the shiny dark silver fabric so i decided to get it.

on my next blog post, i’m going to show a simple tutorial on how i remade the t-shirt. (i am THAT bored.) it only took me about 15 minutes to do, and i love the result. my 2€ wasn’t a waste!

ahem, and the secondhand Benetton blouse i wore in the pics was also from the same store, just that i got it on the next day of the sale, when everything was sold for 1€. that one doesn’t even need any remake, it fits me like a perfect glove. thank you, UFF, for having these awesome sales!

okay, i’d better end this here while it is still raining cats and dogs outside. stay tuned for my teeny weeny tutorial next! :p

5 thoughts on “raining cats and dogs

  1. Out of your boredom you gave me a good laugh (…”I am THAT bored…”)
    I like your writing style, always enjoy reading your blog. Also the skirt and the nice idea for remaking the T shirt. ❤

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