1 year late, pt. 5 (the final one!)

i honestly can’t think of a better title. may i just dump this post here? 😛

seeing that this is my own blog, the answer is yes. i may. and i will.

so we’re finally in winter 2021, and i’m finally posting my very last sewing projects of the year. i’m actually very proud of each and every one of the items i made last year, it’s just that i want to get going with this year’s projects already. 😅 now, shall we start?

self-made blouse and shorts.

if you’ve been a reader of my blog for a long while, you’d have known that i always have a soft spot for Moomin fabrics. i may not grow up with Moomin books/cartoons, but seeing the characters and their behaviours, and the fact that i used to saw a lot of their merchandise in Japanese fashion magazines made me feel just as close to them as a true Finn.

this one i had to get because it’s a scene from a story that meant a lot to my husband. the print is called Tivoli and it’s cotton jersey with a bit of elastane. i got about 80 cm of the fabric, and the width is about 150 cm.

i didn’t use any pattern for this one and did the usual square method AKA boxy shirt. just for a bit of a twist, i decided to add black lace between the body and sleeve pieces, aaaand some pompom trimming on the cuffs. because of the lace addition, i managed to get semi-long sleeves for this one, so it’s perfect for autumn/winter.

for the neckline, i used the trusted elastic edge band again (of course)! this one is not made of the same material as the previous ones i’ve used, though, and because of the tiny ribbing lines, it looks a bit more ‘sporty’. not that that’s a problem, it still makes my life a lot easier than to make a separate neckline band or use a bias tape for necklines.

the next project was supposed to be my last sewing project of 2021.

self-made dress, COS shoes.

ever since i worked with punto jersey (can’t even remember when that first time was!), i had always loved how easy it is to sew it. it’s just as easy as working with scuba jersey, but the material itself is usually much more comfortable and less ‘plastic’ky than scuba, which is nice.

so when i saw this solid coloured one in green (gotta love green!), i knew i had to get it. in the beginning i was thinking of making pants, but i unsuccessfully tried a new pants pattern last summer (i mean, summer 2021) and so that plan went out the window. thankfully, that time i used another fabric, so this one was still completely unscathed.

i had about 1,5 m of this fabric, and the width was around 140 cm. i was feeling too lazy to copy new dress patterns, so in the end i decided to use the same pattern as the one for this dress.

i didn’t remember what was so hard about making this dress, especially since i could omit the zipper because i was using a stretchy fabric.

but as soon as i started sewing the v-neckline, it all came back to me. needless to say, it’s not exactly neat and crisp, but i did my best.

what i’m most proud of is, of course, the origami pleat at the front part of the waistline. it came out beautifully (for my standard), so i’m super satisfied with that. to make it look more polished, i used ochre-coloured topstitch thread for the yoke’s topstitches… and of course, a few metal studs on the yokes wouldn’t hurt.

after finishing this dress and feeling super proud of it, i couldn’t help grabbing another fabric. i mean, hey, i was feeling super lucky!

self-made fanny pack.

it was that time of the year! you know, the time when my previous self-made fanny pack broke down (the fabric just frayed too much, the zipper got stuck way too often) that i just had to make a new one!

this time, i copied a co-worker’s fanny pack which had just one wide elastic strip covering the width of the bag to put the tools in. the fabric i used is some sort of neoprene, so this time it shouldn’t fray at all, ha!

i’ve been using it since the beginning of this year, and it’s been great so far, except for the elastic band that holds the whole bag that’s been stretching and stretching non-stop because of all the weight inside the bag. 😂 i just have to keep shortening it, but whatever. at least the bag itself is still usable! it does make me wonder how much stuff i carry around at work. and i don’t even carry my mobile phone there!

but what do you know? i’ve finally caught up with myself in the year 2022, whoppee! now let’s just hope the next post will be some time this year! 😆

Moomins for every occasion

moomindress3why look so gloomy?

lift up your hat and show us your smile…

moomindress1… because the Moomins have come to stay!

i was window shopping one day and came across a Finlayson store. at the back of the store, there were some stuffs that was sold for ridiculously cheap prices, and among those stuffs i found this lovely Moomin fabric called Juhlamuumi (= party Moomin). and then it struck me how i never had any Moomin-patterned clothings, even though: a. i have lived here for a while, b. i have learned how to sew, and c. cute & childish prints are my middle names.

i must admit that i did not watch nor read Moomins when i was little. the first time i saw Moomins was in the Japanese magazines i so loved when i was in college. it wasn’t until years later that i found out that Moomins actually come from Finland!

this fabric stayed in my closet for about 2 months before i finally decided what to make of it. i knew i wanted to make a shirt or shirt dress, but didn’t know what style it would be until i saw this.

i was intrigued by the pockets with ties, because the ties go through the top part of the pockets but they are actually loose so you can pull it to make the pockets ruffle up a bit, yet still fully functioning as pockets. nice idea, but quite complicated to make! luckily i had my co-worker, J, to help! she solved the puzzle in a few hours whereas i lost a few nights’ sleep just to figure out how to sew it. 😀 thank you, J!

for the base pattern, i used the V pattern from Ihanat Mekot ja Tunikat book vol. 1 (originally called Stylish Dress Book).

i then made the collar to be scallop-edged instead of straight, added a heart window at the back, and shortened the sleeves.


moomindress5i was worried that because of the pale colours, i wouldn’t look good in it. or then i would look like a babysitter/nurse, you know, since they usually use this kind of shirt dress.

moomindress4but then i thought… so what if i do? both jobs are cool, and you can’t go wrong with Moomins. (my husband thinks i look even more like a Japanese in this dress. no objections here!)


self-made dress, Bianco shoes, & Other Stories hat.

i’m very happy with the result. it makes me want to run around and do silly things! it’s just so comfortable to wear and there’s just something about wearing Moomins, especially Party Moomin. 🙂 this shirt dress certainly makes me feel like i have Moomins for every occasion. ❤