where have all the flowers gone?

self-made slip dress, Nevada top, Oura ring.

it was the ’90s. i was in my pre-teen and teenage years. i used to draw girls wearing different clothes on sheets upon sheets of A4 paper. i pretended that they were fashion magazine spreads, and always had them titled, according to the theme of the clothes i drew on them. i used to even have a set of ‘imaginary models’ (ie. the girls that i drew) that i’d sometimes use over and over again for different ‘fashion spreads’.

when grunge music started to become a trend, so did the ’90s fashion come to its peak: flannel shirts, Dr. Martens boots, choker necklace… and one trend i never forget was slip dresses + t-shirts.

that last combo made it to one of my imaginary ‘fashion spreads’, and i titled it ‘Flowers and Stripes’. it seemed like such a big hit back then, wearing stripes and flower-print, though now that i think about it, it was basically ‘any prints that clash = wear them together’.

the funny thing is, though, because i was such a shy teenager back then, i never did wear a slip dress + t-shirt. the t-shirts i had back then were all loose and baggy, i only wore a tight one for personal photo shoots (that sounded much more fancier than it actually was. these photo shoots were actually done by my sister’s classmates just so that they could practice their photography skills, so they needed ‘models’… my sister and i were often their ‘victims’). in other times, my fave attire was baggy jeans & baggy t-shirts. i never owned a Dr. Martens either.

but suddenly, now, in 2022, the slip dress was back on trend. and i happened to have this flowery viscose satin fabric lying in my closet. it was only about a meter long, and summer 2022 had just started, so i wanted something quick and easy to make.

i found a gazillion tutorial/DIY sewing instructions for slip dresses online, none of which was easy enough for my taste. 😂 i wanted shortcuts everywhere, and yet my fabric wasn’t enough for me to make bias tapes for the straps. i didn’t want to use ready made bias tape either, i wanted the straps to have the flower pattern!

well, needless to say, it was a huge mistake as the straps would never be as neat & tidy when not done on a bias cut. i used my overlocker for the hem, and because the wrong side of the fabric is white, i used white thread. it was a trick i learned from a stranger at my work place, and i think that went okay. the shape of the dress is awkward, because i did not use any pattern in the end, and just cut A shaped pieces for the front and back. it ended up too baggy in all the wrong places, so i had to tuck in the sides a couple of times! but whatever. i have a slip dress now!

and i had fun living it up like the ’90s just for taking these pictures.

and of course i had to use a striped t-shirt underneath it, otherwise it wouldn’t feel authentic.

so apparently the flowers had gone to my new slip dress. but honestly, i had another thing in my mind when i wrote this blog post’s title.

i am noticing that many sewing bloggers i used to follow have stopped updating their blogs. i don’t know if they had the same problem as i did, or other things in their lives that prevented them from sewing as much as before the pandemic started. i found that one or two of them have ‘migrated’ to IG & deserted their blogs. but the rest, i really have no idea what happened to them.

i must say, i miss them. i hope that wherever they are, they’re safe and well, whether or not they’re still sewing.

a memory and a hope

our minds work in a funny way, don’t you agree? one second i was looking at the snow, feeling the cold, the next second i was thinking of my old hometown and how i used to take the sun’s heat for granted. and next i thought about what my friend said one day, how most Indonesian people do take it for granted–including herself, as well–and usually say to foreigners how great life must be in the foreigner’s country, not thinking of how hard life might be there in some other aspects (going to the supermarket on foot in winter is i’m sure something that rarely crosses their minds). and then the next second, i thought about the people in Jakarta, living under the bridges & flyovers, thanking their stars for not having to suffer through winter, especially being homeless and shirtless.

and then the next second, my mind arrived to an old acquaintance i had when i was going to the university, back in my old hometown.

it arrived there, because he was one of those homeless people. how i became acquainted to him was something i don’t think i ever mentioned to anyone before.

i used to live in the south part of Jakarta, and my university was just outside of Jakarta, in Depok. my everyday commuting life back then was taking 2 bus rides, which took about 1,5 hour in total, for one direction (that made 3 hours of commuting daily). it wasn’t that it was so far away (well, it was far, but that’s not the reason it took so long), but it’s because my transfer from one bus to the other took place in one of the busiest traditional marketplace in South Jakarta, called Pasar Minggu. the buses went through the small gaps, woven between the abundance of marketplace sellers & their tarmacs full of fresh produces, and since we’re talking about Jakarta that had no clear traffic system, there were always at least dozens of different buses queuing in this area at the same time before they could finally be ‘free’ to go to their own routes. so, you can probably imagine the length of time i spent waiting and frying inside these buses everyday (my buses weren’t air conditioned, of course).

every day, as i waited in the bus, there would be street singers hopping on and off my bus. when i had extra coin or small bank note, i would give them what i could, but most of the time my budget was just enough for the day, so i couldn’t help them even if i wanted to. some of them sang just so that their bosses could see that they were ‘working’, some of them actually sang with their hearts. usually, i would wait until i found those that sang with their hearts to give what small amount of money i could to them instead of the other group.

among these street singers, one of them was a man, probably around the same age as i was back then, maybe slightly older. he was probably the only one easy for me to remember, because of his appearance. he had very dark skin, big eyes, long curly hair which was always ‘half’ bleached no matter what time of the year it was, so that it was deep black from the roots to halfway the total length and very blonde from then on to the ends. he always carried a guitar and was one of those who sang with his heart.

the first couple of times i ‘met’ him in my bus, i was running short on my money that i couldn’t give anything to him. but, he always smiled. some time after that, i finally did have extra, so i was already planning to give it to him the next time i saw him. when that time finally came, and he finished singing and started walking around the bus to collect the money in the aluminum foil bag he was holding, i was putting my money to the bag when he suddenly said to me, “hep, no, no, that’s okay, miss!” and i was baffled. he didn’t want my money.

after he completed his round, he came to sit next to me, which happened to be empty. and i, as somebody who had always disliked talking to strangers even before moving to Finland, was wary of this. oh dear, i thought, he did not want my money but wanted my company? darn it. usually if some stranger who sat next to me in the bus started to talk to me, i would pretend not to hear what they’re saying (yes, i was cruel). but i couldn’t see my way out of this one because i would still be stuck there in my transfer point for a while.

and so, he started, “are you going to school, miss?” i said, shortly, “yes”. he asked where i went to school, and i told him my university name (and cursed myself why i had to be so honest. what if he was a stalker?). he was amazed by my answer, i guess it’s because my university name does bear good quality. then he started talking about himself, mostly, i guess because he could see i was being careful and only gave him short answers. he told me that he, too, wished he could go to the university, but could only sing in buses so far. the first time he sang, he did not even have a guitar, so he had to go with others who had musical instruments, saved money until he could buy a guitar, and finally, now, he could sing alone.

the bus began to move forward and he quickly bid his goodbye, but before he left, he asked my name. i told him a fake name, because my brain was still telling me to be cautious, and that was the end of our first conversation.

that happened during my first year of college. i still had 2 more years, so you can imagine how many more times i met him in my bus. it wasn’t daily, but there were a lot of times. i gradually saw that he didn’t mean anything bad, and if he was a stalker i would already be stalked by then. i started having quite ‘okay’ conversations with him, but most of the time, just like the first time, it was him who did the talking. he told me that he was now saving up for new shoes, and showed me that the only pair of shoes he had had holes in them. and every time i offered him what little money i could, he never took it. i think at one point i told him that i had shoes i didn’t use, and if he would like them. he asked my shoe size and when he heard it, he laughed because my shoe size was a lot bigger than his! he even joked that i must be one of the ‘mountain people’, who genetically have big feet. needless to say, my offer was turned down.

sometimes he did the singing with a group of his other friends, and when his friends came near to me to collect money, he would tell them, “no, not her! she’s my friend.” pretty soon, even his friends would recognize me when he wasn’t around, and also did not want my money.

one day, i went to the university as usual and i was the one who spotted him first before i got on to my bus. i tapped his shoulder (because even then, after many of our conversations, i still didn’t know his name) and said hi. he was friendly as usual, but i told him my news: this was my last time going through this route, because i had graduated. he was so happy for me, congratulated me, and told me good luck with my life. i wished him the same, and we parted.

that really was the last time i saw him, even though i still lived in Jakarta for many years afterwards. never once did he cross my mind, until now.

i wonder if he is still around, and again, thank the heavens that he never has to feel the bitter cold of winter in his old & hole-y shoes. i wish i could have helped him more, and hope that he is doing okay. i hope he knows, that even when it may not seem so, he was actually blessed in his life, to have what he had.

remembering him makes me want to listen to this song, a song so popular among street singers in Jakarta. maybe it’s because it’s about them, the suppressed people, living in Jakarta. maybe it’s to tell each other, the street singers and beggars, to not lose hope, stay strong and be thankful for life as it is.

feeling festive


self-made top, second hand skirt from Pasar Senen – Jakarta, earrings from Oasap.com, bracelet given as a gift from my tabla teacher’s wife, bindi & nose-ring from some Indian store in Jakarta.

i bought this fabric some weeks ago, already thinking i could make a simple top with it since the print is already a bit… much. this fabric is actually an African wax cotton, but when i finished making the top it reminded me so much of Indian choli, which was why i decided to channel my long-forgotten Indian side. this fabric was about the only colourful one among my other fabric finds lately, and boy, am i glad to see other colours than black, white, and grey in this gloomy season!

i used the same pattern as the one for this simple top, and this time i added a tiny bit of soft tulle for the sleeves.


for the neckline & closure, i used bias tape + small button. i don’t know if you can see it, but there are glitters on the gold part of the print = the main reason i bought this fabric. 😀


there was only about 80 cm of the fabric, and it was about 110 cm wide. the print, as you can see, is very bold, so placement is everything when i cut the fabric.


i think i pretty much nailed it, hehe. putting on this top & the “complete” make up made me miss my Indian moments. not that i’ve actually been there, but you know…

… i meant those moments when i played tablas with the rest of my classmates from JNICC Jakarta. (since these are all old pics, i’m hoping no one would mind me posting them… didn’t really ask anyone’s permissions, sorry!) oh, those days! every time we were going to perform somewhere, i was nervous for the tabla playing but at the same time so excited for all the blingy Indian clothes i got to wear!

now i unfortunately don’t have my tablas anymore (nor do i have the flexibility in my fingers), and i also left all of my sarees behind when i moved here.


so i hope you can understand why i went all out for this photo shoot. luckily i have a few bindis here with me, and my nose-ring is still intact. after all of this gold, glitter, and colour therapy, i couldn’t help feeling festive.

chin up, celebrate life, and don’t forget to add some colours to it! 🙂

remaking the ’80s


self-made sweatshirt and denim skirt, Forever 21 robot earrings, cross earring special bonus from a Japanese magazine (forgot the name), keyring special bonus from Cikibawawaw book worn as necklace, Miffy watch.

if i told you it was unintentional, would you believe me?

once upon a time i sewed this top/tunic. and once upon another time, i sewed this sweatshirt. while the top was wearable, i must admit that the imperfect zig zag stitch bothered me so that i only wore it twice (considering i made it in 2009, that’s a real record!). also, since i made it sleeveless on one side, i couldn’t really wear it at work (no non-sleeves allowed) without covering the asymmetric-ness under a cardigan. the sweatshirt, however, met a more tragic end. it shrank in the tumble dryer. i kid you not.


luckily though, it was just the bodice part that shrank. apparently, working in textile business for 7 years does not guarantee that i would know anything and everything about fabrics. though i must say that in this case, the fabric had no label, so of course it was hard to guess what the real material is. i thought it was completely polyester, and it turned out to be polyamide. polyamide fabrics are not supposed to be dried with heat (= no tumble dryer). take it from me, it bloody SHRINKS. i guess the problem wouldn’t have appeared if i had done a wash & dry testing first with a small scrap of the fabric, but what can i say… i’m lazy. :p

anyway, when there’s a problem (or two), i need to improvise. so this ’80s-looking sweatshirt was my improvisation!


i just didn’t want to give up the Alice in Wonderland fabric, and neither did i want to give up the Nanso fabric. the only problem (again) was that the Nanso fabric was so small that i did not have enough to make a proper neckline and hem. i didn’t even bother changing the cuffs (so basically this sweatshirt now has 3 different fabrics!). the pattern was the same as used for the original stripey Alice in Wonderland sweatshirt, pattern no. 127 from BurdaStyle mag, the 08/2013 issue.



i’m not sure i’m satisfied enough with the neckline… but as long as i wear my hair down, i guess it’s quite okay. and what did i say? i’m just too lazy to correct it again.


i just want to wear this sweatshirt already and spread the ’80s fashion bug!


just for fun, i’m adding this picture of myself from about 11 years ago, preparing to go to an ’80s-themed event.

backto80sas you can see, many years later (2009) i even remade the denim skirt i wore that night. anyway, i went to that event with my friend, V, and ended up getting interviewed by a group of high schoolers who then took a picture of us and posted it on their wall magazine. the said wall magazine was entered in a competition, and made it as one of the finalists (i forgot if they won in the end or not). later, V and i saw these wall magazine finalists by chance, and found our picture there. 🙂


well, hello! that’s us!

it was kind of nice, when i think of it.

so whether it was in the real ’80s, in 2000s or in 2015, i think it’s safe to say that ’80s style rocks. it will always be close to my heart, no matter what.

odd shapes

last night i suddenly realized that i haven’t drawn anything for a while. i don’t mean just doodling, but “serious” drawing. last time i did it was i think at the end of year 2012. wow.

and to think that when i was younger, there was not a single day wasted without me drawing.

so i took a piece of paper and started drawing…. i may have become a bit rusty, but whatever.


as i drew this, i could hear my dad’s voice in my head, just as he did in reality many years ago when i was a child. he would criticize how i always draw people. human figures, nothing else, night and day. why couldn’t i draw something else?

i don’t know. nothing else interested me more than the human figures. i like drawing people doing anything and everything (hence i made lots and lots of comics back then), figuring out how a hand or leg looks from this and that angle, what is a possible pose for humans and what is impossible. and of course, i LOVE drawing the clothes. that was the cream of the cream for me, trying to decide what this figure would wear, and what that one would wear.

when i went to the manga course, my sensei often gave me comments on my drawings, like “oh, so trendy!”, because even when we were only supposed to practice drawing human figures from all directions (frontal, 3/4, and back), i made the extra effort to dress up the figures as i pleased. it made me happy that she encouraged me to give style and personality to my own characters by the clothes they wore.

when i went to the fashion illustration course, my mentor told me that i should explore the human figure poses more. back then i was always drawing the same old poses, and he told me to be brave, give stronger strokes & colours, and choose different poses, poses i’ve never done before. he was right, of course. in fashion, you are allowed to exaggerate the poses.

back to the drawing… i didn’t really have any specific theme in mind when i started it. but as i continued drawing, i felt like i wanted to try drawing “odd shaped”-clothings. well, not as odd shaped as some haute couture-kind of fashion, but things i’ve never tried to draw before. so there you have it. i used 2B pencil to draft it, pigment ink to trace the outlines, copic marker to colour the skin, and coloured the rest in Photoshop.

i wonder if my dad was actually disappointed that i never got in to Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB) as he, my mum, and my sister did. (yep, they all went in there, and they all went to the Faculty of Visual Arts and Design! except me. :p) i was (am) the only one in the family that has never gotten a formal education in Design.

but then again, i wonder, if he sees this, will he still ask the same question as he did back then. or will he, finally, understands my passion?

i should be so lucky

when i was still single, many years ago, i met up with one of my best friends from elementary school. she was married with a cute little daughter at that time, and she herself is part Indonesian and part Australian, while her husband is part Indonesian and part Filipino. they had been living in the Philippines for a while, and she told me how, whenever she and her husband were out in the marketplace to buy everyday groceries, the lady-sellers would always tell the husband how lucky he was. she said the exact word they used to describe her was a “jackpot” (pronounced like “yuck-pot” :D). so i had to ask, what did they mean?

apparently, those old ladies believe that for a Filipino to land a foreigner spouse was like winning a jackpot.

fast forward a few years, i was going on a tour around Central Java with my parents and my boyfriend (who is now my husband). we were relaxing in the Borobudur temple area, after climbing the temple in the heat, and my dad suddenly beckoned me… he was surrounded by some lady-sellers who were trying to sell him all kinds of souvenirs. my boyfriend was intrigued too, of course. it was his first time visiting Indonesia, so everything colourful that moved intrigued him, i guess. 😀 anyway, we both came closer to my dad, and as soon as the ladies saw that i was with my boyfriend, they said pretty much the same thing as what my friend told me happened to them in the Philippines. things like, “your boyfriend is a foreigner? how convenient, how lucky!”

there it was again. what has luck got to do with your lover’s/spouse’s origin? and how does your lover’s/spouse’s origin define your life’s luck? either way, i didn’t get it, so i had to ask them myself, “what do you mean?” though i could pretty much guess what they meant, i dared them to explain the connection between foreigner lover/spouse = lucky.

all they could come up with was, “well, at least you can go abroad. that is lucky compared to our lives here.”

this saddened me even more, so in the end i did not bother questioning them any further. we bought some souvenirs from them (just to make them happy! yes, we’re sharing our luck with you!) and as we walked away, i told my boyfriend what the conversation was all about (since it was all in Indonesian). he was baffled as well, but we decided to drop it.

the truth is, there are so many people in my country, and perhaps the whole Asia, who actually believes that. if you can get yourself a foreigner spouse, get the hell out of your own country and you will live happily ever after. this believe creates a trend called bule-hunter in Indonesian language (bule = foreigner), where women (i guess men too, but mostly women) devote their life to get a foreigner husband, no matter how old he is, what he looks like, where he’s actually from, what his hobbies are, whether or not they can communicate with each other (some of the women bule-hunters don’t even speak English), whether or not he’s actually sane, etc. and then, as soon as they got married, off they went to their husbands’ country, with the illusion that they will be happy, rich, and lucky in all aspects, at least luckier than when they were still in their home country.

for some of them, that probably comes out as true. good for them. and i’m not one to judge those who don’t turn out to be so lucky.

instead, i want to tell you my story.

in case you couldn’t tell, i’m not one of those bule-hunters. in fact, it was a surprise even to myself that i ended up marrying a blonde (!) guy. i’ve always been more interested to the typical “tall, dark, and handsome”, and in my case, that would usually mean Asian. (more specifically, Indonesian. or Japanese. oh yes.) but after dating some of them, and kept failing in those relationships, i began to care less about the looks and just searched for a companion who i could feel comfortable with. a companion for my soul, so to speak.

that was NOT when my husband came to the picture. 😀

because truthfully, he was already there back in my teenage years. we’ve been online-friends from 1998, and somehow, miraculously we stayed friends through so many years. never for once did i even imagine that we were going to actually meet one day, let alone get married. i’m not gonna go into the details, but in short, as we were talking online one day, after i just got through yet another failed relationship, i felt that he was actually, maybe, the companion i was looking for. as it turned out, he was feeling the same way, so we decided to give it a try.

the trial went more successful than we both could have imagined, as you all know now. 😀 when we were talking about our future, before we got married, we had to decide the most obvious “problem”. where should we live?

it wasn’t as straight-forward as what those old ladies thought. sure i wouldn’t mind living abroad, but i would be all alone, no family member to turn to should something go wrong, living in a country whose language i couldn’t speak, and what was i going to do? my husband-to-be was not a millionaire, i couldn’t just live off of his income. in my hometown, i was not rich either, and i lived with my parents, but at least i had a job and business to run. i was somebody there. in Finland, i would be a nobody. but thinking about what would be best for our family (including if/when one day we have a child), it was finally decided that i was to move to Finland.

and so began my “lucky” life. my husband was working at a cleaning service company at that time, while waiting for the right job to come. our house was empty except for our bed, sofa, dining table & their chairs, a small desk & my husband’s laptop. we had no TV, so if we wanted to watch anything, we had to rely on the laptop. i could not cook AT ALL, so we lived by eating frozen foods and sometimes during the weekends my husband would cook spaghetti. since he was the one who had to go to work, i was left with the house chores. cleaning the house, washing the dishes, doing the laundry, ironing the clothes… things i never had to worry before when i was still living with my parents in Jakarta. my entertainment was going online to chat with my mum and sister, and occasionally going to the library to borrow some books. we were broke, all the time, but we were together, so that was okay.

then i finally got my residence permit, and almost subsequently, i got in to a Finnish language course. not long after that, my husband also got a job that was actually in his own field. in here, when your household income doesn’t exceed a certain amount, you can get support from the government. since i went to the language course and our household income was lower than the standard, we got that support. so, life was good. 🙂 i learned how to cook, we divided our duties in the house, i had my mum visiting me for a while, and we even managed to save a bit of money for a trip to Barcelona.

the next year was rough. just when i was about to finish my language course (still jobless), the company my husband worked at went bankrupt. up to that point, i had been in some job interviews, but none of them brought any luck. all i could do was pray that somehow, help would come through. and it did. 🙂 i got offered a small job at the place where i did my internship as part of my language course, and even if it was small, but i thought it was a good start. i only did 2-3 days of work per week, and got the lowest possible salary since i had no job experience at all in Finland.

for some time, that was our family’s condition. gradually, i got more and more working hours. my husband had difficulties finding another job in his own field, so he did his best to do freelance jobs instead. meanwhile, my friends in my hometown proudly told me how they got this and that job, got promoted, and told stories of how they could go out to this or that new restaurant or cafe every week, and watch the latest movies every other day… i could not even eat out if i wanted to, every last penny went to our bills, we never had any extra savings for any kind of entertainment. if you compare these two conditions, would you really think mine was “luckier” than theirs?

after a few years, i finally got a significant raise at work, and my husband also got a temp job that paid quite well. when we both worked and made steady income, we finally managed to save some money. the first thing we did was go to Indonesia for a holiday. i met up with my friends, whom i’ve missed very much… only to be disappointed by my own expectations. 3,5 years of not seeing one another made such a difference, i found that i could no longer connect to the things they did and felt like i used to. the things they thought were important were on the most bottom part of my own list. their idea of fun was to go to the malls and shop, whilst all i could do was watch them doing it, because even though i did have the money, i would rather save it and use it for something more meaningful than that.

when we went back to Finland, things were back to square one (well, almost). i kept on working, my husband’s temp job ended and he was back in doing freelance works. this continued again until the end of 2012, when my husband finally launched his own product. now he was back on his feet, making his own business, and though the income is not as steady as mine, it is still a big help compared to solely living off of my own income. and since i’ve been working at the same company now for years, nowadays i get quite a good salary. now, after years of working hard, we finally manage to save some of our money and travel somewhere for holidays.

but a few things are hard to change. for example, i still don’t go out to cafes or restaurants with my friends. in all my 7,5 years of living here, i’ve only gone out to see a movie at the cinemas 5 or 6 times. i don’t go out shopping (i would go out just to see the latest trends and then go home and try to make the clothes myself). the only things i can’t refuse to buy are fabrics. but other than that, i only buy what i need, with very occasional splurge like when there was that crazy book sale. 😀

now back to the main topic. if i could meet those old lady-sellers again, i would love to tell them my story. tell them that i am no different than them. regardless of where you live, who your spouse is, where your spouse is from, we all have our own challenges and privileges. sure, i do feel lucky, lucky that i found my soul’s companion, and am able to spend my days with him. but no matter where we live, i would still feel just as lucky. and if he wasn’t a foreigner, i would still feel just as lucky.

if you were one of those who has that kind of illusion about foreigners and life with them, or living abroad, i hope my story would make you realize that we are all equal. luck has nothing to do with it, and it’s no use to envy what other people have or to mock what other people don’t have. if you truly understand it, then you would agree with me, that we should all feel lucky. 🙂

hello again, Liebster

i noticed that my blogging pattern has become more and more like what it was 2 years ago when i was still blogging in Multiply: only 1 post per month, and always only to record my latest sewing project. :p this worries me, but what can i do if i just have nothing else to write?

thankfully, last night Oppie kindly re-nominated me for the Liebster Award. since i’ve actually done it that time, i won’t do the full version here (NOT going to: nominate other people, ask them 11 questions, state 11 facts about me), but i insist on answering the questions from Oppie because this time it’s in Bahasa Indonesia. 🙂 good chance for me to practice my mother language, and translate it to English, too. (long live boredom!)

let’s start!

  1. Kapan mulai ngeblog? barusan cek, dan ternyata mulai tahun 2001 di Livejournal. wow, berarti sudah lebih dari satu dekade gue nulis!
  2. Kenapa suka ngeblog? hmm, selama lebih dari satu dekade gue nulis blog ini sebenernya tujuannya beda2 & berubah terus. waktu pertama kali nulis di Livejournal (LJ), saat itu gue punya homepage/website KiSS Dolls, yg adalah semacam mainan bongkar pasang secara virtual. gue nulis di LJ buat kasih update ke para pengunjung homepage/website gue itu, apa yg baru aja gue tambahin ke dlm website, apa yg akan datang, dst. setelah bbrp tahun, website gue tutup, jadi gue nulis di LJ buat hal2 pribadi, sekaligus tetap berhubungan dgn para seniman KiSS Dolls dari seluruh dunia yg baik2 dan super berbakat. lalu pas gue pindah ke Finlandia, blog gue pun pindahan ke Multiply (MP). alasannya sederhana, yaitu karena di MP waktu itu lebih mudah untuk post foto2, musik, video. di MP tujuan gue nulis blog berubah lagi jadi buat ngasih kabar terbaru ke temen2 & keluarga di Indonesia. setelah bbrp tahun lagi, gue belajar jahit, dan akhirnya blog gue isinya jahitan mulu. sampai sekarang. (dan jadi sampe ke WordPress karena MP tutup. sekian.)
  3. Paling suka ngeblog tentang apa? apa lagi kalau bukan ttg jahitan sendiri. 😀
  4. Apa topik favorit yang selalu dibaca di blog orang? macem2. cerita pribadi soal kehidupan sang penulis blog. jahitan sang penulis blog. foto2 keren sang penulis blog. semuanya gue suka, yg penting tulisannya jujur, ga ikut2an orang lain, dan ngga menggurui/menghakimi org lain.
  5. Apa yang kegiatan favorit di waktu luang? tergantung musim. biasanya waktu luang gue sangat sedikit, jadi sebisa mungkin gue gunakan buat jahit. tapi kalau lagi musim panas, hmmmph, bisa kalah sama panggilan alam, yg artinya gue bakal keliling kota sama suami entah dgn sepeda atau jalan kaki/kendaraan umum. kalau lagi musim dingin dan males jahit karena gelap (ya, ada kok hubungannya! coba aja jahit gelap2an cuma pake lampu, emg enak? jahit tuh butuh cahaya matahari, percaya deh!), paling2 jadi nonton TV atau film, atau baca buku.
  6. Punya mimpi yang pengen diwujudkan dalam waktu dekat? mimpi sih ada, tapi gue rasa ga bisa diwujudkan dalam waktu dekat karena satu dan lain hal. (bukannya pesimis ya, cuma realistis) kalau tetap pengen tahu, mimpinya adalah untuk kembali buka butik baju hasil desain & jahitan sendiri.
  7. Apa film favorit kamu? adukh, banyak! kalau cuma boleh nyebut 1, mungkin jawabannya The Band Wagon, film musikal tahun 50-an. ini film pertama dlm hidup gue yg bikin gue cinta dunia seni tari dan tarik suara, baju2 gemerlapan & dramatis, dan gue selamanya berterimakasih pada bokap gue yg memperkenalkan Fred Astaire dan Cyd Charisse pada gue di usia semuda 5-6 tahun.
  8. Apakah makna pertemanan itu? Jelaskan dalam maksimal 5 kalimat. saat gue ngerasa super sendirian, ternyata ada yang merhatiin. saat gue ngerasa pengen berbagi kebahagiaan, dia ikut ngerasain hal yg sama. ga perlu selalu dekat dgn gue, tapi cukup kalau hatinya selalu dekat dgn hati gue. mungkin pertemanan adalah hadiah paling indah yg bisa diberikan oleh Tuhan kepada manusia. 🙂 (4 kalimat, masih masuk hitungan!)
  9. Sebutkan 3 orang wanita yang menjadi sumber inspirasi kamu. Oma, nyokap, dan kakak gue. Tiga2nya sosok wanita kuat dlm hidup gue, walaupun mungkin mereka sendiri ngga menyadarinya. Oma gue selalu jadi sumber inspirasi dlm hal jahit-menjahit, masak, sampe saat gue nulis cerita2 fiksi selalu ada sosok seorang nenek. nyokap jadi sumber inspirasi gue untuk terus berusaha dan ngga gampang menyerah. kakak gue jadi sumber inspirasi untuk membela diri sendiri (kalau memang kita yg benar), juga untuk tetap gigih & tangguh walaupun dia harus menghidupi dirinya & anaknya sendirian.
  10. Sebutkan 3 hal yang loe paling suka dalam hidup. kesempatan untuk belajar, berkembang, dan mengenal satu sama lain. menurut gue sih itu 3 hal yang mungkin hanya bisa didapat dlm hidup, jadi nikmatilah selagi bisa. 🙂
  11. Seandainya loe hidup hanya 3 bulan ke depan dan boleh melakukan 3 hal, apa pilihan loe? jual segala yg bisa gue jual untuk dapet uang tambahan, yg kemudian gue gunakan untuk mengunjungi negara2 yg selama ini pengen gue kunjungin, setelah itu balik ke Indonesia untuk menghabiskan waktu2 terakhir dgn keluarga dekat gue.


  1. When did you start blogging? i just checked, and it turns out i started in 2001 on Livejournal. wow, that means i’ve been blogging for more than a decade!
  2. Why do you blog? hmm, actually the reason i blog has changed multiple times throughout this blogging period. when i first started writing in Livejournal (LJ), i had a homepage/website for KiSS Dolls, which is basically virtual paper dolls. i wrote in LJ to update the visitors of my homepage/website what i had just added to my site, what was coming, etc. after several years, i had to close down my site, so i wrote about my private life in LJ, as well as to keep contact with the Kiss Doll artists from around the world who were incredibly generous and talented. when i moved to Finland, i moved my blog to Multiply (MP). the reason was simple, it was easy to post pictures, music and videos in MP. the purpose of my writing in MP also changed to giving my latest news to my friends and family in Indonesia. after several more years, i learned how to sew, and finally all my posts are for my sewing projects. until now. (and i got to Wordpress because MP closed down. the end.)
  3. What’s your fave subject to blog about? what else but my own sewing projects. 😀
  4. What’s your fave subject to read from other people’s blogs? all kinds. private life stories about the blogger. sewing projects of the blogger. cool pictures that the blogger took. i like them all, as long as the post is honest, not a copy of someone else’s, and not patronizing/judging other people.
  5. What’s your fave pastime? it depends on the season. generally i don’t have that much of free time, so i use it mostly for sewing. but when it’s summer, hmmmph, nature call is harder to ignore, which means i would likely go around town with my hubby whether by bike or by foot/public transport. when it’s winter and i don’t feel like sewing because it’s dark (yes, there is a relevance! try sewing in the dark with just the light of a lamp, you think that’s comfy? you need the sunlight for sewing, trust me!) i would probably just watch TV or some movie, or read a book.
  6. A dream you would like to actualize in the near future? i do have a dream, but for one reason or another i don’t think it can be actualized any time soon. (not being a pessimist, but a realist) if you still want to know, the dream is to once again open my own boutique, selling clothes designed & sewn by me.
  7. What’s your fave movie? i’ve got plenty! if i can only name one, the answer would probably be The Band Wagon, a musical from the ’50s. this was the first movie in my whole life that made me fall in love with the art of dancing and singing, glamorous and dramatic costumes, and i am forever grateful to my dad who introduced Fred Astaire and Cyd Charisse to me at the wee age of 5-6 y.o.
  8. What’s the meaning of friendship? Explain using max. 5 sentences. when i feel like i’m alone, it turns out that somebody cares. when i want to share my happiness, someone else is feeling it with me. we don’t have to be physically close, it’s enough that our hearts are. i think friendship is possibly the most beautiful gift God could ever give us human beings. 🙂 (4 sentences, that’s valid!)
  9. Name 3 women who inspire you. my grandmum, my mum, and my sister. all three of them are strong women figures in my life, though they probably never realized it themselves. my grandmum inspires me in sewing, cooking, and even writing… whenever i write stories, there’s almost always a grandmum character. my mum inspires me to keep trying and not give up easily. my sister inspires me to stand up for myself, also to stay persistent & strong even when she has to support herself & her daughter single-handedly.
  10. Name 3 things you enjoy the most in life. the opportunity to learn, grow, and know one another. in my opininon, those are the 3 things that you can only do while you still live, so enjoy them while you can. 🙂
  11. If  you can only live for 3 more months and do 3 things, what would they be? sell everything i can to get extra money, which i will then use to go to those places i’ve always wanted to go to,and then go back to Indonesia to spend my last moments of life with my immediate family.

thanks again Oppie for the chance to answer these. it was fun! 🙂