crop it how you like it

when it comes to body figure, mine is far from perfect. that’s why i had been quite unsure about the ever so popular ‘crop top’. i just wasn’t sure i want to show my round tummy to everyone. (and no, i’m not pregnant.)

but then i started seeing how women of real sizes (ie. non model-like body types) are wearing them, loving them, and rocking them. so i thought, why not give it a try? i had just the right amount of the scuba fabric left, and i knew what i was going to combine it with for the sleeves.

so this is my version of a crop top, self-sewn, and how iΒ wear it in 4 ways.

1. the expected way.


self-made crop top and skirt, H&M tights, Bianco shoes, Moody Monday earrings.

pairing it with the exact same print seems logical. besides, it’s also been somewhat of a trend to wear matchy matchy clothes, so here i am practicing it. the good thing about this is that my skirt has high waistline, so that means less skin showing off.

2. the shy way.


self-made crop top and stripey dress (worn under the top), shoes from Dappermarkt – Amsterdam, Moody Monday earrings.

you want to wear a crop top but too shy to show off your tummy area? no worries, just slip on a dress underneath the top, and you’re ready to go.

3. the layered way.


self-made crop top, H&M blouse (for boys), H&M jeans, ASOS cage shoes, handmade knitted brooch (worn as head piece) from an Indonesian artist/brand whose name i can’t remember… sorry! 😦

this is rather similar to #2. it’s the fake way to wear a crop top, but it makes sense if you want to be able to pull it off for work (unless your work place is super cool and lets you work with your tummy showing around!). just wear it as a vest on top of a blouse.

4. the unexpected way.


self-made crop top, tulle skirt, and leggings; ASOS cage shoes, Sophie Martin lip pouch.

okay, this last one is completely experimental and… well, unexpected. just throw in everything and anything you can think off and you’re done. easy as pie. πŸ˜€

the idea is to have fun. so that’s what i did, and i think i will enjoy doing it all year round now, thinking of new ways to wear it.


for the top, i used a combination of pattern no. 131 from Burda Style magazine 05/2012 (bodice) and pattern no. 122 from Burda Style magazine 10/2013 (sleeves). i made the bodice almost half shorter than the original version, and the sleeves also a lot shorter than the original one.

croptopdetaila tiny surprise on the sleeves: it’s a Dior fabric. i used it here, and that was the one and only time i actually called my sewing project a failure. i have given away the original dress i made with that fabric, as i was too lazy to correct it, feeling like i’ve let Christian Dior down by making such a wreck out of their fabric (how dramatic), and thought that that was it. but then a few days ago i found a small remnant ofΒ the fabric in my closet, and i was so delighted that i could finally now possibly give it a new life. thank you, Dior, for giving me a second chance! hope i’m not letting you down this time! :’)


since the remnant of the scuba fabric was really only a small piece, i had to make the back side from 2 pieces (the original pattern also used 2 pieces and buttons for closure). i’m actually glad about it, because it again gave a bit more structure to the shape. and that’s what scuba fabric is good for!

this is now my second sewing project made completely out of fabric scraps, so long live the fabric scrap tribe! also, surprisingly, this is now the 14th sewing project i’ve done this year, and it’s only September! i’ll definitely still be making more until the end of December, so it looks like i’ll manage to make more than i did last year after all.

oh, and yes: i’ve finally cut my hair. a combination of symmetric and asymmetric. and very easy to do with just a pair of scissors (and a husband–>for the back part, LOL). perfect. πŸ™‚

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