Thumbelina and Dorothy

it’s barely September and it’s already 15C degrees outside. gone are the hot & damp days of summer. ah well.

curling up and reading a book seems like a good idea, but that’ll usually just get me colder than before, so what else can i do in a cold cold day? why, sew, of course!
so i’ve finally joined the carnival and made a scallop-edged skirt.
i had a piece of stretch cotton fabric which i thought would be perfect for it. i didn’t use straight grain for this skirt, instead i folded the fabric in two from the width, cut it, and that cut would then be my skirt’s waistline. i did this because the pattern of the fabric looks much better that way (there’re flowers pointing to each selvage), even though the stretch of the fabric is actually width-wise.
the beginning was pretty basic: sew the sides together, and then i also folded the top part inwards and sew it. then, i sew a big black elastic band on the top part with zigzag seam.
for the rest of it, i followed Vain and Vapid’s tutorial, and managed to do just well..
i think my only mistake was using a fabric that’s a bit stretchy, so when i turned the scallops inside out, the edges was a bit messy. but i don’t mind. it looks okay-ish for a first timer!
the shape & the pattern of the fabric just reminded me a lot of Thumbelina, hence the name for this skirt .

that skirt just took me half of today to finish from the beginning of cutting the fabric.
weeks before that, i made another attempt to make something out of the Stylish Dress book..
this time i found a sheer cotton (blend?) fabric that i thought would be perfect for the T pattern from that book..

and this is the pattern of the fabric i got:

yes, it’s Dior, so how could i resist??
i did everything correctly and neatly this time, taking my time and not rushing to finish it..had a problem with making the button hole/loops (whatever it’s called), but i guess the result is acceptable. i added a layer of soft tulle under the skirt part, to make it look less like a country-side dress. instead of making covered-up buttons, i used normal plastic ones, like the ones for buttoned-up shirts.

it just disappointed me a bit that the result was soooo baggy, even though i used the same size as i’ve always used from that book (size 11). i wonder if there’s still anything i can do to the top part to make it less baggy. meh.
but anywho, on a lighter note, the dress reminds me of Dorothy from Wizard of Oz, so i donned it up with my red glitter shoes for the photo shoot. Dorothy, meet Dior.
oh, and Mr. Dior, sorry i ruined your fabric .
as always, you can see bigger pics here.

13 thoughts on “Thumbelina and Dorothy

  1. Baggy >> Gue rasa karena yang dipake model orangnya gak berpinggul (kalo diliat proporsi orangnya, sambungan atasan dan rok itu jatuhnya di bawah pinggang). Sementara yang loe pake nangkring di pinggang/atas pinggul jadi atasnya menggembung. And also mungkin kain yang dipake di model emang lebih lemes. Tetap semangat! :)Roknya lucu, dan emang Thumbelina banget. Hihihi… Coba loe montage foto loe di dalam bunga… 😉

  2. siriuslyelmo said: aku suka yg Thumbelina!

    thanks..komen-mu yg satu lagi saya hapus ya, hehe..sama persis sama yg ini kok.btw jadi pas gue pake yg Dorothy keliatannya kyk apa dong? abg hamil apa ibu2 hamil?? :)) buset dah…i really gotta do something about the top part then, before that dress sees the light of day!

  3. padmageeta said: what about wearing a more body-hugging, sleeveless top with the thumbelina skirt? The skirt looks nice, it’s only the top that doesn’t go so well with it (imho)

    yeah, maybe in real life..yesterday was just too cold outside for the photoshoot 😀 and i can’t wear sleeveless top to work, unfortunately :p

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