wanted: new haircut idea

seriously. i feel like i’ve tried all sorts of haircut & style already. of course, not including those that i can’t go to work with. so no punk hairstyle or extreme colours for me right now.

i mean…


… i’ve tried going for curly hair. twice. and i’ve also had it straightened (when it was oh-so-trendy to get your already-straight hair to become even more straight. don’t ask). i’ve coloured my hair so many times in the past, it’s practically ruined so i’m not going for that anymore right now. i’ve had bangs. i’ve had super-short haircuts (accidental, but ended up okay). i’ve done asymmetrical haircuts. and also super symmetrical.

and now… i have NO IDEA what to do to my hair. meanwhile it’s growing ever so wild. i haven’t had it this long ever since i first moved here and didn’t want to pay a single dime for a haircut at a hairdresser. when it’s windy, it keeps going to my mouth, to my eyes, and basically just all over my face, it’s not funny and i just can’t stand it!

it’s time for me to cut it. and if it’s not too much to ask, i’d prefer cutting it myself. but how could i cut it when i don’t even know what style i’m going for??

so, help, please? anyone? 😥


6 thoughts on “wanted: new haircut idea

  1. I know how hard it can be to make up your mind about the haircut. How many different styles haven’t I tried. Now I keep it short and am not going to change style anymore. Quick to wash and dry. I hope you will find a nice, comfy haircut/style. One that keeps away from your mouth and eyes 🙂

    • i also decided so many times before that, okay, this time i’ll keep it short, so i won’t have to think about it anymore. but my hair grows too fast and i’m too lazy to cut it again (because i always cut my own hair) until it’s way too long. 😀 or then i get bored of it. *sigh* always the same problem… but i do hope i find a good style now, and fast!

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