unfortunately fortunate

so i went back to work for a couple of days earlier last week… and right away i ran into some unfortunate events.

like how i fell at work right on my first day back. that’s right, a full-on fall down the floor because somebody put en empty plastic box (the kind you use for when you’re moving to a new house) where it didn’t belong, and i wasn’t paying attention to where my legs were going. it was a nasty fall, but i managed to get up from it myself, and the day continued normally.

the next day i started to feel the pain in the part where i hit my leg, but whatever… i was still in a good mood to start working again, and went to work normally… until suddenly around noon i felt weird. like very exhausted, and started to feel pain everywhere in my body, plus a cunning headache. so i sat down for a while, and when i felt like i couldn’t think anymore because of the pain, i took a painkiller, just to let me get by to the end of the day.

of course, as soon as i got home that day, i got a high fever. well, that was it then. i got myself checked the next day, and got a 3 day sick leave right away.

it almost felt like a joke that as soon as i had to get back to work, the universe was telling me that i needed to stay home some more. but i wasn’t laughing, far from it. the next night my fever went higher, almost as high as when i got chickenpox. it was just terrible.

at the health center, i was told that the symptoms sound like influenza symptoms. but i didn’t have any sore throat or running nose. days and nights passed, and finally, right on the third day, my fever started to go away. and yet still no sore throat or running nose. to this day, i still have no idea what it was, but now that i think about it, could it actually have something to do with the fall or the bruises, as i still have a bit of pain when i walk, even now. gonna have to keep an eye on them, i guess.

so anyway, while being ill, in true fashion of ‘looking for the silver-lining’ as per the supposed theme of my blog, i started to think of all the good things that came up with this unfortunate events.

1. obviously, i got my summer holiday “extended”. though it wasn’t that pleasant when you have 39C degree fever, lying in bed in a room that’s 31C degree hot. with no AC. oh, right, this is supposed to be the good things. sorry.

2. since i was super bored yet nearly motionless because of the illness, i managed to finish a book i just borrowed from the library in like less than a week. it was… entertaining. not the best i’ve read, but still, i’m glad i could finish reading it that fast… so i can now move on to the next book!

3. i also managed to catch up with the rest of the world in terms of watching TV series, much thanks to Netflix. my current addiction? The Killing.

4. when i didn’t have my fever anymore, we went out to take walks in the night (so that it wouldn’t be too hot anymore out there). during this walk, i finally, for the first time in my entire life, saw a wild hedgehog just under some bushes. ❤ i’ve never seen a wild one, though of course i saw some “pet” hedgehogs a long time ago back in my hometown. this wild one was a bit tiny, not fully grown yet, but also not a baby anymore. however, since it was afraid of us, all i could see was just the back (spikes) side, breathing up and down. still, cute!

5. the next night after seeing the hedgehog, we walked out again. this time we were hunting the super moon.WP_000560we didn’t want to attract attention, so we didn’t bring our better camera. so this was taken with my phone’s camera. if you see the middle part, under the bright streetlight where there are a bunch of other streetlights… the biggest circle of the bunch is the moon. well, it’s the only one hovering in the air, should be easy to spot! it may not look awesome here, but it was actually quite huge. i’m happy i got the chance to see it live. after seeing the super moon, i was again given the chance to spot a wild hedgehog (different bushes this time!). it looked at us as we were backing away, so i could see its button-like eyes and small nose… so very cute! (no pics as it was very dark already.)

that last point probably has nothing to do with the fact that i got ill, but it definitely brings positivity back to me while i was feeling down for almost the whole week. i got reminded of how little it takes to find beauty everywhere around you, and that even when something makes you feel low sometimes, there are a thousand other things that you can still be thankful about.

with this new good spirit, i’m gonna go back to work tomorrow. i’d better not fall again this time!