something fishy

still sticking with simplicity and a simple sewing project. but this time, it’s not for me.

when i first came to visit Finland, just for a holiday, i was so unprepared for the cold spring. it was late May, and my then-boyfriend (now-husband) had first came to Jakarta to meet me up, and together with my family we went first to Kuala Lumpur, and after a few days i would continue my journey to Finland with him while the rest of my family went back home. while we were in KL, my then-boyfriend’s mum would send him SMSes, saying how warm and sunny it was. 25-28C degrees everyday. so i was glad i had packed a few summer dresses and sandals with me.

and of course it all changed when i arrived in Finland. that morning, and i remember this very well–because i was quite shocked, to be honest–it was a mere 8C degrees and all i had were a few knit cardigans and thin cotton coat. how was i supposed to surviiiiiveeeee?????

well, long story short, i did survive. by borrowing my boyfriend’s mum’s shoes, his sister’s vests and jackets, etc. ergh, talk about great first impressions!

but my shoes did not survive. on that trip, i had a pair of custom made (but very cheap) emerald green velvet shoes that i loved very much, and after walking and walking and walking around town, these cheaply made shoes just couldn’t take the pressure and broke on my last week here. to make it even more tragic, they broke just before we were going to see a ballet performance, and i had no other shoes to wear!

as soon as this came up, my boyfriend’s mum’s partner (who does not speak English at all, so i could not even communicate with him other than saying kiitos and hei) said something and took out his magic box (= toolbox). my boyfriend said, “he’s going to try to fix it.” and he did it! i managed to go to the ballet wearing my back-from-the-dead shoes, and they did not even break on the road or anything. 🙂

when it was time for me to pack my things to go back to Jakarta, one of my bags’ zipper broke. my boyfriend again mentioned this to his mum’s partner, and bibidibabidiboo, he fixed it again. i managed to use the bag to go back to Jakarta and even a long while afterwards.

fast forward a few years, i finally learned to speak Finnish, and i can now communicate with my boyfriend’s mum’s partner (who is now her husband). there were countless times when he helped us with many other things after my first trip to Finland, like when my boyfriend first got our apartment, assembling the things, when we moved to this new house, picking us up here and there…. needless to say, even when he is not really my dad-in-law, in a way, i feel like he could just as well be.

he also likes to fish. and he’s very good at it. whenever he catches lots of fish, we would get invited to their place, and he would prepare the fish himself (most of the time, at least).

so now i decided to give a little something as a thank you. something fishy, for a fish lover.

fishapron1i first got ‘inspired’ when i saw a table runner in Ikea with the fish print. that is just perfect for him! and it was 40 x 200 cm in size, so i thought that should be enough for me to create something out of it.

without thinking much, i just started making it (without any pattern). fishapron2after nearly finishing it, i just realized that the upper part seemed a bit too big, even probably for him. so i folded the corners to the back and sewed it by hand using thin wool yarn.

fishapron4i sewed 3 buttons on the neck band so that it would be adjustable, since i don’t really know his size.

fishapron3the pockets are made of one big rectangle, sewn on the sides and some parts in the middle.

fishapron5after i was done sewing, i was still left with a small piece of the fabric left. so i sewed all the edges and added it to the gift as a small hand towel.

fishapron6there’s the original label from Ikea and i copied the care instructions on the ‘packaging’ i made for the gift.

and there it was, a super simple project for a simple man who loves to help others. i really hope he will like it and that it will be useful for him (preferably when he’s busy preparing the fresh fish cuisines for us!).