a dress of many things

you know how sometimes something reminds you of another thing, even though they’re not necessarily that close to each other?

well, when i first saw this fabric, i got reminded of many things all at once.


clockwise from top left: Metropolis, R2D2 and C3PO, The Great Gatsby, Gene Kelly & Cyd Charisse in Singin’ In the Rain, Cleopatra, Metropolis. pictures borrowed from all over the internet.

the one that first came to mind was one of my fave movies of all times, Metropolis (Fritz Lang version). there’s something robotic about the bold print. thinking about robots made me then think of our 2 fave robots, who happen to have the same colours as the print of this fabric: blue, white, gold. and then bold gold lines remind me of the Gatsby movie logo, so now i got to think of 1920s-1930s era. thinking of that era automatically reminds me of Cyd Charisse in Singin’ In the Rain movie. last but not least, when i wore this dress in front of my husband, he said i look like an Egyptian (though i guess it had to do with my new haircut).

that’s quite many things to get reminded of just by one dress! what do YOU think?


self-made dress, ASOS cage shoes, head accessory from India, traditional Javanese brooch worn as bracelet.

the fabric is ever-so-lovely scuba (100% polyester), which is very easy to work with. i used a tried-and-proved pattern, no. 107 from BurdaStyle magazine 09/2012. earlier, i made this Melli Mello dress with the same pattern.


just like with the Melli Mello dress, i also only had a limited amount of this fabric, 1,10 m to be exact. and of course, with this kind of print, i had to be extra careful with the placements so i wouldn’t end up having embarrassing prints on the wrong places.

i made a small alteration to the back side of the dress: since i omitted the zipper, i made the center back perfectly straight grain and made the hemline a lot more narrow than the original pattern. thankfully, because it’s scuba fabric, i can still slip in and out of the dress comfortably.


this was probably the first time that i ever worked with such a big & bold print that needed special attention. the longest time i used in finishing this project was just for the pattern placements.


after cutting the fabric, sewing it was just a breeze. i only used the overlocker for the side seams, the rest was done using the normal sewing machine.


i decided that the dress could have a tiny bit longer hemline than the Melli Mello one, but not that long that it takes out all the boldness in it. and to finish the hem, i used the invisible hem stitch.


how happy am i with the result? SUBLIMELY HAPPY! ❤ my most fave part about it, aside from the print, are the shoulder parts on sleeves. they remind me of Balmain shoulder-style that was all the rage some few years back.

now where’s my 1920’s-themed party invitation?