remaking the ’80s


self-made sweatshirt and denim skirt, Forever 21 robot earrings, cross earring special bonus from a Japanese magazine (forgot the name), keyring special bonus from Cikibawawaw book worn as necklace, Miffy watch.

if i told you it was unintentional, would you believe me?

once upon a time i sewed this top/tunic. and once upon another time, i sewed this sweatshirt. while the top was wearable, i must admit that the imperfect zig zag stitch bothered me so that i only wore it twice (considering i made it in 2009, that’s a real record!). also, since i made it sleeveless on one side, i couldn’t really wear it at work (no non-sleeves allowed) without covering the asymmetric-ness under a cardigan. the sweatshirt, however, met a more tragic end. it shrank in the tumble dryer. i kid you not.


luckily though, it was just the bodice part that shrank. apparently, working in textile business for 7 years does not guarantee that i would know anything and everything about fabrics. though i must say that in this case, the fabric had no label, so of course it was hard to guess what the real material is. i thought it was completely polyester, and it turned out to be polyamide. polyamide fabrics are not supposed to be dried with heat (= no tumble dryer). take it from me, it bloody SHRINKS. i guess the problem wouldn’t have appeared if i had done a wash & dry testing first with a small scrap of the fabric, but what can i say… i’m lazy. :p

anyway, when there’s a problem (or two), i need to improvise. so this ’80s-looking sweatshirt was my improvisation!


i just didn’t want to give up the Alice in Wonderland fabric, and neither did i want to give up the Nanso fabric. the only problem (again) was that the Nanso fabric was so small that i did not have enough to make a proper neckline and hem. i didn’t even bother changing the cuffs (so basically this sweatshirt now has 3 different fabrics!). the pattern was the same as used for the original stripey Alice in Wonderland sweatshirt, pattern no. 127 from BurdaStyle mag, the 08/2013 issue.



i’m not sure i’m satisfied enough with the neckline… but as long as i wear my hair down, i guess it’s quite okay. and what did i say? i’m just too lazy to correct it again.


i just want to wear this sweatshirt already and spread the ’80s fashion bug!


just for fun, i’m adding this picture of myself from about 11 years ago, preparing to go to an ’80s-themed event.

backto80sas you can see, many years later (2009) i even remade the denim skirt i wore that night. anyway, i went to that event with my friend, V, and ended up getting interviewed by a group of high schoolers who then took a picture of us and posted it on their wall magazine. the said wall magazine was entered in a competition, and made it as one of the finalists (i forgot if they won in the end or not). later, V and i saw these wall magazine finalists by chance, and found our picture there. 🙂


well, hello! that’s us!

it was kind of nice, when i think of it.

so whether it was in the real ’80s, in 2000s or in 2015, i think it’s safe to say that ’80s style rocks. it will always be close to my heart, no matter what.