butter makes everything better

raise your hand if you agree with me. 🙋🏻‍♀️

okay, so i haven’t been exactly diligent when it comes to writing blog posts these days, but i’ll blame it on the pandemic, along with everything else that’s been wrong with me and my life. it’s the truth, though.

earlier this year, i had some health problems that made me unable to eat as usual. and i used to LOVE eating. when we go traveling somewhere, eating something new and unique is one of my fave things to do. it made me double sad when i couldn’t go anywhere during the pandemic time and couldn’t even find the joy in eating.

so i pushed myself to start learning new recipes. together with my husband, we learned to cook new things. food that we usually bought ready-made or frozen, we now do from scratch.

and, i pushed myself to bake new things. it had been a while since i last tried any online recipe for sweet stuff, and the first thing i decided to try to make this year (because it looked so simple) was something called voisilmäpulla in Finnish. the name literally translates to ‘butter eye bun’, hence the title of this blog post.

i used this recipe and it worked out so well!

there’s always something magical about seeing your dough rise. kind of like watching your baby grow, in a lot smaller scale! 😄

this bun recipe is slightly different from my mom-in-law’s bun recipe, but i followed it to the t and it was a successful experiment, even for a beginner like me!

time to add the butter! ❤

so where does the butter go, you ask?

right to the top center of each bun! the above picture was taken when i first tried the recipe, which was why the ditch were quite small. i have since learned to make them bigger so i can fit more butter into the bun!

the white thing is the additional flour after the butter and sugar are inserted to the ditch.

time to bake them!

needless to say, just smelling the fragrant scent of the butter made my mouth water already. and because i did it all from scratch, it made me feel useful (like i had a purpose) and want to eat them, because otherwise it would be such a waste!

so buttery. so good.

yes, they tasted as good as they looked!

after baking these, i started seeing food the way i used to again. it made me work up my appetite and the more i cooked & baked, the more i felt like eating normally.

and you know what? having good food always make me feel instantly great. for me, it’s the butter that did it this time. it really did make my life better!

i’ll try to post more from now on, as i do have more baking/cooking/sewing stuff lined up for blog posts. in the meantime, i hope you’re all keeping yourselves healthy, both physically and mentally!

PS. i’m having a hard time using the block-editor to post this, as the image captions can never look like the way i want them to anymore. 😢 since there’s no way i’m paying to upgrade my blog to be able to have the classic editor plugin, i’ll just have to live with this weird-looking caption now.

6 thoughts on “butter makes everything better

  1. Now this is a really good “recipe” to make you feel so much better ❤ Love to hear it's making you feel great again!

  2. Mmm, my mouth is watering! More please! 🤤

    The block editor is a pain. I use the classic block, but the formatting is tricky. Sometimes I can’t get it how I want it, and if I have to edit a post after publishing it, the formatting sometimes gets lost. I can understand the need for new features, but couldn’t they have made it easier for those of us who don’t need them?

    • ah, i thought i was the only one who can’t figure out the new features (and feels no need for them!). 😅 it took me almost hour just to make the caption under the images aligned to the center instead of the left (though i read somewhere that it has to do with the theme for our blogs). let’s see if i can remember it next time! 😂 yeah, i’m sure these ‘new features’ were supposed to make life easier, but for us who already used the classic editor for years they just complicate things! 🤦🏻‍♀️

      anyway, thank you for the comment! hope you’ve been well during these strange times!

      • haha, awesome, i’m glad the buns made you drool! 😆

        just visited your blog post, thank you for sharing it! i’m always amazed by the gems (by gems, i meant of course the old pics) you find, this one may just be my fave!

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