still here, pt. 2

what do you mean it’s 2021? i was hoping it’s 2030 already.

like many others, i was actually hopeful on my last post. it was the beginning of 2020 and everything seemed normal.

ha, if only we knew what was coming. 🙄

but anyway, i survived another year. and if you’re reading this, that means you did, too! yay! congratulations to both of us and happy 2021!

again, like i’m sure everyone else felt as well, i didn’t feel much like doing anything in 2020. it was a strange year, and though i did have one ‘big’ thing happening to me*, the rest of the year is a big blur.

it wasn’t until late summer that i finally picked up my sewing machine again and started sewing something. this post is to sum up all my sewing of 2020. (don’t worry, there weren’t that many. you’re gonna be okay.)

if i had to choose one word as a theme for my 2020 sewing projects, it would have to be: Finnish design. read on and you’ll understand why.

self-made top, Muji pants.

this was my very first sewing project of 2020. i bought 80 cm of this viscose jersey fabric with leopard print to make something simple. you know, just to put my mind off 2020.


i didn’t use any pattern for this, just a boxy shirt with the upper part of the back made out of tulle. however, this was my first time sewing elastic edge band for the neckline–see the right circle pic–and i was (still am) super proud of how it turned out!

for the sleeves, i used about 80 cm long piece of fabric for each sleeve to then gather on the top until it was 40 cm long. i didn’t finish the sleeves’ hems.

boosted by this quick and simple project, i immediately wanted to sew something else. when it was my birthday, i got a gift card from my mum-in-law that i used to buy 2 Marimekko fabrics that i had wanted to get for at least a year!

self-made top and pants, COS shoes.

the first one is called Rosarium, and i got the batiste cotton fabric version. i think i bought 80 cm of it, i’m not sure now. told you 2020 was a big blur!


using the same technique as the usual boxy shirt, i combined this fabric with plain white cotton jersey to make this asymmetrical top. for the sleeves, i did not make any gathering & instead i used double height and folded it in two so that the inside of the sleeves also shows the right side of the fabric. this time i used the wrong side of the elastic edge band for the neckline, because the right side is so shiny.

there doesn’t seem to be any problem with using the wrong side, except that since i use tumble drier to dry my clothes, it seems like the band became darker after this. it probably wouldn’t have been too obvious (see middle circle pic) if i had used the shiny/right side, but who knows.

the second Marimekko fabric i got was Räsymatto, the linen version. i had had my eyes on this one for a year, maybe even more! Räsymatto has always been one of my most fave Marimekko patterns, along with Siirtolapuutarha, so getting this fabric was like a dream come true!

Muji top, self-made skirt, flight socks (i kid you not).

if you see the curtains on my pics, it’s also the Räsymatto fabric. and actually, those curtains were my first 2020 sewing project that i almost forgot! that one was a special edition with gold colour, and i used it the right way around (straight grain). for my skirt, though, i wanted to use it the other way around, so the width of the fabric is used length-wise–hence the difference in the pattern with that of the curtains. i got 80 cm of this fabric–again!–including the shrinkage allowance. well, excuse me, but Marimekko fabrics are expensive, so i have to be extra tight in measuring how much fabric i need for these projects! 😅


i used Burda Style’s pattern no. 126 from their 12/2013 magazine, just a basic A line skirt. as you can see, i only zigzagged the edges because 2020 = lazy. (yeah, i know, i used the L word for myself way before 2020, but sshhhh.) the zipper was from my grandmum’s old stash, but fun fact: the button is also from Marimekko, in a set of sewing haberdasheries they sold in their factory outlet here.

please excuse my blurry pics. it had been a looooong time since the last time i took pictures of myself for this blog!

if you’re wondering why there was only 1 picture of me wearing the Rosarium shirt up there, it’s because the next pics will also feature that shirt. but it’s the next sewing project that i want to address here.

behold the clown pants! 🤡😂 okay, the name is actually Sarouel Pants, as it says on the Happy Homemade Sew Chic book.

the fabric suggestion is cotton/linen, but i wanted to have these pants in modal jersey. why? because modal is super comfy and having it in jersey means less ironing. (give me an L, give me an A, give me a Z, give me a Y! yaaaaay!) so that was what i did!

it was a fun sewing project, and very easy to do! if i ever have some other pants material lying around, i’d be sure to make one of these again! to make the pockets less droopy, i decided to sew a lining to them, using Indonesian batik fabric scraps i still had in my closet. it worked like a charm!

now that i think of it, it must have been quite a warm summer last year, because i also found 1 more sewing project i did last summer.

self-made dress, necklace from Bali – Indonesia, Pertti Palmroth shoes.

i had this fabric on my wishlist for a while, a punto knit jersey which is another favourite of mine other than scuba jersey. i like punto knit because it’s one of those fabrics that is stretchy but sturdy, and i don’t need to finish the edges because they don’t fray (it’s the L word again, ladies and gents). this one i especially wanted because who doesn’t love stripes?? and the stripes are just the right size!

but before i managed to buy it, my boss bought it for herself… only to tell me some months later that she wouldn’t be able to make anything from it after all, and offered it to me for free! 😍 well, of course i jumped at the chance!

i copied a Marimekko jersey dress i have and made this dress without using any pattern. the original Marimekko dress is shorter and has no slit on the sides, so that was the only alteration i made.

and from here, we move on to autumn. my life started to go downhill from there (more health problems, not the pandemic, but i won’t dwell on it right now… maybe one day i’ll post about it), but with a few fabrics still begging for my attention, i just had to give it to them.

self-made dress, COS shoes.

isn’t this fabric a darling? it’s from a Finnish designer, Maija Haapoja, who created a story book & a collection of fabric prints called Story of Roo. unfortunately, i think the company no longer exists, which is a shame, because the illustrations and the quality of the fabric are just so good! i mean, just look at them!


the fabric is cotton jersey with 5% elastic. the grumpy clouds remind me of myself (where did you think silver rain comes from? why, grumpy silver clouds, of course), and right away i knew that i wanted to make a dress from this fabric.

i used the same pattern as the one used for this dress, and since this fabric is very stretchy, i didn’t need to put any zipper on it. i believe i had about 1,5 m of this fabric after it was washed (it was about 160 cm wide).

i love how the dress pattern allows the print to show its glory. there aren’t that many seams, so we can see the beautiful illustrations as a whole.

and because this one was such a delight to sew, i decided to make yet another dress out of the same pattern. this time, the fabric is slightly thicker, the width narrower, and also less long.

self-made dress, flight socks (still serious), Just Kulkith shoes.

yes, it’s Moomin fabric! and yes, it’s a pretty crazy blurry picture for you to see the Moomin, but hang on, i have some close up pics of it.


better? i hope so! because it’s so cute! and as you can see, since i didn’t have enough fabric this time, i had to make the dress a lot shorter (both the hem and the sleeves), and use the modal jersey fabric to add to the hem & pockets.

it looks kind of like a vintage dress, which is fine by me! 

i’m gonna stop hurting your eyes now with these blurry pics. 😅 but i’m sure you’ll agree with me now that Finnish design can be seen in almost all of my 2020 sewing projects! with this whole pandemic going on, it’s always a good idea to support your local designers, even if it’s ‘only’ by sewing something that they made.

and now, before i go, let me just write down here that during these 2 weeks of 2021, i have already sewn 4 more items! so if anything, at least that’s a guarantee that i will still be writing here in this blog (it’ll probably be next year, with the title ‘still here, pt. 3. just kidding. i hope).

*) that ‘big’ thing happening to me in 2020? it was actually a continuation of the previous year’s big thing. it has nothing to do with sewing, and for safety & privacy reasons i will not be discussing it here in my blog, but i can at least say what the thing was: i wrote and published 2 books. one in 2019, and the other one just last year. if any of you are interested/want to know what the book(s) is about, feel free to write it in the comments & let me know your email address. 😊

now, i’m going back to my hibernation! or i might just sew something again, you’ll never know. 😉 keep those smiles on, people! 

11 thoughts on “still here, pt. 2

  1. OMG finally there’s an update and beautiful dresses and tops and skirt and that comfy pants aaand you published books. I adore your dresses and I love your writing especially that children stories in this blog. I hope your books are published in Indonesia (so that it’s easier to get), my email is

  2. Very happy to see this post. I love all the sewing projects pictured here. Most of all, I love the Sarouel pants, and the asymmetric shirt, and my number 2 fave is the leopard print shirt ❤ The striped dress looks very chic ! The Moomin and grumpy clouds fabric dresses are very cute 🙂 All in all, delighted to see you're so productive in sewing, and am soo proud of you ❤ ❤ Hope you can keep it up, making your super stylish and adorable sewing projects!

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