my back is still hurting at times, and i’ve been going back to work and back to sick leave again, but i try to slowly co-ordinate my life back to the way it was.

and speaking of co-ord….

self-made co-ord set, New Yorker t-shirt, COS shoes, H&M earrings

… i have also been well enough to sew! phew!

this was a super cute fabric i saw and just had to get. i mean, look at them bunnies! and i love the art nouveau style of the print. the fabric tag says Maria Natali Collection, however my googling didn’t find any result of who that is.

but who cares! the print is too cute to miss!

at first i only wanted to make pants out of this fabric, but then it turned out that i bought enough for a whole suit! i have always wanted to do a co-ord set like this, so now was my chance!

first, i made the pants. the fabric is a stretch polyester that’s also quite beefy, so it reminds me a bit of scuba. i used the same pattern as these pants, and i can tell you that with this fabric i succeeded much better than the previous attempt!

i am super proud of how i managed to align the print on all pieces. this has never happened before, haha!

i also learned to make the end result look a little bit more neat than usual by putting bias tape on the edges of the waistband lining.

the only part i kind of struggled with were the hems, mainly because i stupidly forgot to make the seam allowances wider as they go down, since the pants themselves get narrower as they go down. so i opted to sew the hems by hand and they look alright.

for the zipper, i used my fave technique: exposed zipper.

then, with the rest of the fabric, i made a blouse that can also be worn as a jacket.

i didn’t use any pattern for the blouse, just a boxy top with added amount on the center front (for the buttons) and big enough squares for each sleeves so i could pleat them.

again the fact that the print was placed perfectly amazed me! look at how the bunnies placements on the blouse even matched the placements on the pants on both front parts!

this was the first time i tried making button holes with my new super smart sewing machine, and my jaw dropped when i found out how easy it was. i literally didn’t have to do anything else but press the foot pedal! 😱 the buttonhole presser foot measures the button i wanted to use automatically and made the perfect-sized buttonhole for it.

i tried making the inner side as neat as the pants, but by this time i was unfortunately growing impatient so you can see that the collar was done terribly. but i don’t care, ha!

the buttons used are given to me by a workmate who bought it from Marimekko outlet store. i used contrasting pink thread to sew them just for added fun.

this project (or the results, to be exact) cheered me up a lot and helped me to stay positive about my health problems. at least i could do some things right! 😊

i’m hoping your November had been much better than mine, and soon it’s Christmas already, yay! happy start of December, everyone!

4 thoughts on “co-ordinate

  1. This deserves a BIG thumbs up!! A very well done and successful project! The sleeves are also nice. I see you’re progressing nicely in your sewing techniques!
    Am always looking forward to see your next latest projects ❤ ❤

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