frenchie flamingo

my love of dogs in all shapes and colours still continues (of course… i don’t think that’s something that will ever die down! LOL), and seeing this fabric made me squeal. without thinking too long, i bought it and made it out into a simple top almost immediately, too.

self-made top, New Yorker shorts.

i mean, what’s not to love about this print? French bulldog pups in cow pattern, looking in all directions. ❤

i got about 70 cm of this cotton jersey fabric because it’s super wide (about 180 cm). i wanted to do something super simple yet try out another decorative stitch from my sewing machine, so i decided to copy an old top i got from a thrift marketplace in Jakarta, Indonesia.

the ‘twist’ is at the front part where the seam between the bodice and the sleeves are. this was where i tried the decorative stitch (top left pic) and i am sooo in love with how it turned out!

the original top i have has these lace frills on the hem, but seeing the salmon pink colour on the dogs’ ears made me think of my flamingo fabric and so i decided to use remnants of that instead.

other than the hem, i used that same flamingo fabric for lining the edges of the sleeves… so that when i fold the sleeves up, i can show the lovely flamingos!

and that’s the story of how my French bulldogs get to meet the flamingos! probably not the most logical relationship in the world, but i must say, it works on my top, hahaha… and that’s all that matters! 😀

gonna take my frenchies and flamingos out for a walk now, while the summer days are still here. 😉

10 thoughts on “frenchie flamingo

  1. Wooooww, I absolutely love the dog print, you made a good choice of the print, colour, the frills. Haha, I can imagine how excited you are to be able to use decorative stitches here and there on your outfits, thanks to your new sewing machine 😀
    All in all, a very nice top! Congrats again! ❤

  2. That is a very, very cute top. Love the fabric. Hmmm, come to think of a certain little boy and a certain small dog. I’m sure both would love the fabric and look good in respective T-shirt and scarf 😉

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