brand new

again, i was offline from my blog for a while. but i had a very good reason this time.

you see, we just moved to a new house. again. πŸ™‚

this new place is so close to our first home together (the one before our previous one), closer to the city center, closer to people. i am a city person, so imagine my delight when we got the news that our application for this new place went through.

the moving was tiresome, especially since it had to be done in parts and during the most hot times of this year’s summer. but we are optimistic that this will be our home for a loooong time. longer than 5 years, at least. πŸ˜€

moving means packing, and packing sometimes mean leaving out some replaceable things. this time, it meant leaving out my beloved sewing machine of 10 years.

it wasn’t that it got broken or anything. in fact, if you see my previous post, i sewed that dress using my old sewing machine.

but time has changed. and when i got that sewing machine, i wasn’t even sure if i would still be sewing at all after 10 years, or was it a passing hobby. it was my first ever sewing machine, my learning one, my basic one. and now that i know i still got that sewing passion in me (and my birthday was just around the corner at that time), it was time for me to move on… to a better my Brother’s replacement, Juki! ❀ this pic was taken just when it arrived, so those tapes are long gone now, LOL! this is my first computerized sewing machine ever, and i promise i will make the most of this machine!

but first, when the days had been so very hot here, i started with a very simple project. any guesses what that would be?

& Other Stories top, self-made culottes, COS shoes.

why, culottes, of course!

i was so amazed by how easy it was to make my previous culottes that i had to make another pair. this fabric was embroidered on one side, which i then used as the hem part. i got 2 meters of the fabric, and after washing it (so that it shrank) i divided the fabric’s length to 2 and used each piece for each leg. i was left with enough fabric to create something else later.the whole project took me about 2 hours from cutting the fabric till the very last stitch. i got 80 cm long of the elastic band for the waist and absent-mindedly put it all inside the tunnel without measuring my actual waistline… so after i sewed in the tunnel, i tried them on and only then realized that the waist was way too loose.

so out of the 2 hours i spent to make these, 20 minutes went to rip open the waist tunnel stitches (enough to take out the elastic band), adjusting the elastic band, and closing the tunnel again. still considerably quick, though.

and let me tell you, a girl can never have enough of culottes! i’ve used these culottes so many times already, just like i had the previous ones. this is the summer of culottes for me!

there you have it, from brand new home, to brand new sewing machine, and brand new culottes! i feel like i’ve finally found a brand new passion for sewing again, after a long time. but that’s for another blog post! πŸ™‚

8 thoughts on “brand new

  1. Really nice looking culottes. At first I thought it’s a skirt. Good idea to make this from that embroidered fabric, it gives a nice touch to the whole.
    Happy to read that you found everything “brand new” ❀ That's the spirit!!

    • Thank you, i really appreciate your sweet comment! I love fashion, so maybe that’s the reason i feel that i must be somewhat fearless when it comes to sewing, just to stand out a bit. πŸ™ˆ

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