meerkat manor ♥

yep, i was a fan of that Animal Planet show many years ago. who doesn’t love meerkats, anyway??

self-made top, Marimekko x H&M shorts, New Yorker sunglasses.

that’s why when i saw this fabric, i just had to get it, no questions asked!

in case you’re wondering what table lamps and teapots doing together with meerkats, bisons, and armadillos… don’t worry, you’re not the only one! it’s an absurd print, but that’s just what i love.

the fabric is viscose crepe, and i think i got about 1,3 m of it (140 cm wide). almost all of them went to this oversized blouse. i used the same pattern as the one i used for this rainbow blouse, but due to the smaller amount of fabric i didn’t make the back side as long.

for the piping, i used leftover fabric from this cardigan project. i didn’t put any filling in it, just folded small strips of the fabric into two. it’s a little bit more successful than the rainbow blouse’s piping, but for some reason the back parts still sometimes look awkward in some positions…. so i came to the conclusion that maybe the blouse model is just not good for pipings of any kinds. 😝

other than that, this project went by without any problem. except for the fact that i couldn’t find my traced pattern for it, so i had to re-trace it from the magazine’s pattern and mistakenly traced another pattern’s back side of the blouse, AND i didn’t even realize it until i cut the fabric.

thankfully the other pattern’s back side is much wider than this one, so i just cut off the excess fabric. another good thing is that since this is viscose, it’s quite easy to pull and reshape the fabric on the neckline area (hidden under the collars) because of course when i cut the excess fabric of the back side, the other pattern’s back side’s neckline no longer aligns with this pattern’s neckline.

but i bet you can’t see it in the end result, right? (go on, examine the 3rd pic from this most bottom/last one here!) HA. i feel like a genius. 😁

so all is good! and all is summery and lovely! and off i go to have fun in the sun with my meerkats, bisons, teapots, telephones, cuckatoos, etc. life in the meerkat manor is always absurd and never boring! 😉

4 thoughts on “meerkat manor ♥

  1. It’s always fun following your “crazy” sewing adventures, how you cover up “mistakes” etc., hahaha!! But it’s the end result that ultimately counts, right? So, congrats again with the meerkat blouse 😀 It came out really nice, also the small detail of the piping. ❤ ❤

    • Maybe i should start a reality tv show? 😂😂😂 i’ll just be cursing and throwing things around though, bahahaha… but at least 90% of the times i manage to get out of the problem 😁👌 thanks again! 😊

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