monkey business

self-made top, New Yorker shorts

looky, looky, another sewing project already!

just a quick and fun project involving these monkeys this time.

i got about 60 cm of the fabric (about 160 cm wide), which is a ponte jersey. it was done without any pattern, just cut 2 T-shaped pieces and the leftover was for the sleeves.


the pleats on the sleeves were done just by feeling, and since i wanted the sleeves to be wide, it turned out that the leftover pieces weren’t wide enough… so i added some smaller scraps to the inner seams, hahaha! you can see it from the middle picture above, but when i am actually wearing the top, no one can see it. πŸ˜‰

i was too lazy to change the threads of my overlocker (it had white threads at that time, this project needed black ones) so i decided to only use my regular sewing machine for this project.

just for fun, i made the front part shorter than the back.

my husband thinks the print and colour looks like Indonesian batik on this fabric. perhaps he’s right. but that only makes this even more special. πŸ™‚

i wore this top outdoors once already, and then the weather here suddenly turned from winter straight on to summer!! πŸ˜€ somehow we’ve managed to skip spring! today it was about 27C degrees outside, hurrah!

well… i’m not complaining! this is still a successful top that i know i will wear many more times in its lifetime. after all, who doesn’t love monkeying around?

have a sunny summer, everyone! ❀

6 thoughts on “monkey business

  1. Nice top. The fabric looks expensive, like some of the leaves are in real gold. The monkeys are cute. And my oh my, the summer really is here. Yes, 27 C yesterday and the forecast for today even more πŸ™‚

    • Thank you very much! β™₯️ You’re right, the pictures make the leaves look like gold, but in real life they’re just dark yellow. 😁 i think the fabric only costed about 5€, perfect for my wallet, hahaha!

      I was already too hot yesterday, i hope today i will be in a well air-conditioned place! πŸ˜… but let’s enjoy this weather while we can! 😊

  2. I can see you’ve really been “monkeying around”, hahahaha…….. with a very special outcome! It really looks expensive and classy, because of the color and the batik-like pattern, and the simple but attractive shape! A great success, I must say. Love it ❀ ❀

    • Hihi, thanks! After sewing this i went to Zara and lo and behold, i saw one of their new collection has this exact same top model (the sleeves detail). 😈 i’m getting quite good in predicting trends! 😁

      • Re: “predicting trends” > Maybe you should start thinking of doing some “spare time” work as a fashion commentator in some magazine or news bulletin, hahaha…… (*wink*)

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