not-so-cold shoulders

self-made top and culottes.

well, hello!

it’s been a while since i last posted here, and i fear this will just keep happening. πŸ˜› i hope you didn’t think i was giving you a cold shoulder. i just happen to be very busy in life, and quite frankly, i was beginning to be very uninspired in terms of sewing.

i saw lots of nice fabrics, and lots of nice clothes, but even lifting up my scissors to start cutting up a fabric felt like such a big thing to do….

things only started to change again in April, when i finally started to get enough rest, and with that came a new hope for everything: spring/summer, new inspirations, new desires to sew new things.

this fabric was (unfortunately) something new. i could practically hear it calling me, wanting to be made and worn with green colour (don’t ask me why. the stripes colours are orange and light greyish blue, LOL!). it only costed less than 4€ and i promised myself that it would be the first thing i sew again, to turn my sewing life back up. πŸ™‚

so here it is, me keeping my promise AND my year’s resolution. except for the part that i bought a new fabric. oops.i wanted to keep this simple,Β but with a small twist. the fabric is cotton jersey, 90 cm long and 160 cm wide. i used my fave pattern from Ottobre Women magazine and again modified it a little bit here and there.

the slits on the shoulders were inspired by a cupro dress i got last year from & Other Stories. i love the cold shoulder trend, but i don’t really want to get cold shoulders, if you know what i mean. πŸ˜€the keyhole detail at the back is also something i love to add into an otherwise ‘boring’ look.

i was hoping that these small details are enough to keep this top from looking like a pyjama shirt!

this top took me slightly longer to finish due to the fact that at first i couldn’t get the sleeves to stay put on the slit parts. i think i made the slits too big, and therefore the weight of the fabric itself dragged it down. after stitching up a few centimeters of the slits, it seemed to help a lot.

it was also with my own horror that i noticed when i was sewing the hem that the stripes didn’t match up! so the hem was strangely done, instead of exactly on a specific stripe it’s all wonky and off sync. but feh, whatever. you can’t see it when i wear my top underneath my culottes or shorts or pants or skirt, right???

even with the wonky hem, i really love this top! it’s exactly like how i envisioned it to be and look at the happy colours!

today happens to be May Day, so rejoice, everyone! even when it’s been raining the whole day here, i can smell spring and summer coming our way. hope it comes sooner than later! ❀

10 thoughts on “not-so-cold shoulders

  1. Looks good on you. I don’t think anyone will notice the stripes don’t match up. I hope you had a great May Day despite the rain. Have a nice spring πŸ™‚

  2. Ohh, I almost missed this post!! Was so busy that I didn’t check my emails πŸ˜› (always get notifs of your new posts)
    Love the outcome of this project, the keyhole at the back sure is nice, also the shoulder slits. Congrats for the sewing success! ❀ ❀ ❀

    • Hehe, you didn’t ’miss’ it for that long! 😁 this was what i meant when i said simple sewing project. πŸ˜… and thanks! Glad it turned out nicely! 😊

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