leopard under peacock skin

… or is it peacock under leopard skin? πŸ˜€

self-made skirt and necklace, tights from Pasaraya Blok M – Jakarta, Zara knit top and boots.

my first sewing project of 2018 happened in February! πŸ˜€ LOL! what an achievement.

some time in January, a friend/co-worker, J, invited us to her place to grab her fabrics for free. yes, you read me right. apparently she had too much fabrics and she just knew that she wouldn’t sew most of them ever, so she decided to give them away for free for us lucky people. ❀

i found this slightly stretch stiff satin (S4) fabric and could instantly see myself wearing it as a skirt. the colour palette is just like that of a peacock’s, yet the print is that of a leopard.

gosh, what a terrible picture… i swear the hem is straight! πŸ˜€ the knots at the front make the skirt flop down if i try to hang it on a hanger, that’s why i decided to put it flat on the floor for this pic, but the angle makes it look like the hem is asymmetrical, LOL… whatever.

anyway, the pattern and the knot technique is the same as what i used for this skirt many years ago. to my delight, my size has gone back to the way it used to be in 2010!!! woo-hoo! that means i didn’t even have to trace a new pattern!

since there was only about 1 meter of this fabric, i didn’t have enough to make the knot parts with only the scraps. thankfully i found some other old fabric scraps from my own cupboard, so i used them as a lining for the knots.

instead of making the knots exactly on the center of the front part, this time i made them a bit on the sides. only after i sewed the sides did i realize that the top knot is a little bit too high, almost covering the waistband. :p ah well. can’t be too perfect in life, right?

another change i made was the location of the zipper. the original pattern calls for a zipper on the side, but since this fabric is already a lot thicker than what i used the first time and the side is full of the knot parts, i thought it would be easier to put the zipper at the back.

and of course, instead of the invisible zipper, i used metal zipper and sewed it so that it would be exposed. i like that it adds a bit of a ‘rocker’ feeling to it, hihihi!

all in all, i think this is somewhat more successful than my first skirt, in the sense that the bottom doesn’t scrunch up weirdly. i guess it’s because this fabric is more stiff, so it holds its shape better. but i did wear that first skirt like a gazillion times, so i can’t really say that one was a failure either. :p

i already love this skirt now even though i haven’t gotten the chance to wear it outside yet (hello, -16C!! ). while waiting for that to happen, i made another accordion necklace! haha… okay, i lied, i actually made the necklace already before the skirt, but hey… don’t they go along together quite nicely?i made it using a cork fabric. yep, they sell those these days, haven’t you heard? a very thin layer of cork material pressed on top of a fabric, so you can sew it into all kinds of things. anyway, i cut the fabric to 1 cm wide strips, and put 2 strips back to back so that it won’t show the fabric side when i make the accordion shape. yes, i’m da*n proud of myself to come up with this idea, hahaha! this necklace i have used many times already; no need to wait for spring for that! πŸ˜‰

so there you go, the first 2 months of my 2018 in a very short summary! πŸ˜€ LOL. hope you’re all having a great 2018 so far as well!

2 thoughts on “leopard under peacock skin

  1. Ahaa, so this is what you’ve been doing on your day off πŸ˜€ Nice knotted skirt, love the colour and pattern of the fabric. As always, am amazed how you get the “patience” and the “nerve” to make incredible “tricks” in sewing.
    And congrats for getting your old size back, haha! ❀

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