drizzle, ripple, wave

your words, your acts, however small, affect others. first they may feel like a drizzle to the skin: light, barely there. as time goes by, they slowly create ripples, reverberating in the minds, until finally they become big waves of reactions, whether they be directed to you or not. have you ever thought of that?

i’m not trying to preach, though. that’s just how i feel in general, and that was what i saw embodied in this dress i just made. drizzle, ripple, wave.

self-made dress, Casio watch, Moody Monday earrings, ASOS cage shoes.

the drizzle is on the print. this was one of those fabrics i couldn’t say no to, because the print reminds me so much of Marimekko. it is 100% viscose and i got a bit over 2 meters of it, thinking i would make a maxi dress out of it.

old pic borrowed from (X)S.M.L’s website.

but then i remembered this dress i once saw in Indonesia in 2011 from the brand (X)S.M.L. the part that i really liked was the flap on the top & hidden underneath it some small pleats. and i realized how in all these years i had adored it, i never had gotten the chance to really think of how to do it myself (carbon copy is my middle name). i mean, it seemed pretty easy. until i realized that it’s not that easy. πŸ˜€

rather than spending too much time–longer than 2011-2017, that is–pondering about how to make the pattern for the dress, i decided to just drape the fabric straight onto my dummy. i mean, that’s what dummies are for, right? duh.

within an hour or so, i finally got it. so i put pins here and there, and started sewing. just like that!

the ripples are the small pleats under the ‘flap’. this was the first thing i sewed before anything else on this dress. after putting the pins to know exactly where the pleats should end, i moved the fabric from my dummy to the sewing machine.

the waves are the flap on the top of the dress and the drapes atΒ the bottom part, creating the asymmetrical hem. the drapes at the bottom actually came accidentally, meaning i didn’t even think of doing them, but made them up as i went along.

the back side is just an A-shaped piece with just enough width so that i could still walk freely while wearing the dress.

just for the record, i am extremely pleased at myself for making this dress! i can’t remember the last time i did something like this, working straight on top of the dummy without any pattern and actually succeeding to make what i had in mind! i even joked to my husband that i guess this means i’m ready to join the next Finnish Project Runway, if ever there is going to be one! πŸ˜€

that original dress i saw in Indonesia was my drizzle. the picture of the original dress & the fabric were my ripples. and this dress? this is my wave. ❀

9 thoughts on “drizzle, ripple, wave

  1. Bravo!!! That’s a great achievement, making a dress just like that, without any pattern…. and finish it successfully !! I was just going to say that, that you’re now ready to join Project Runway πŸ˜€
    I love the pattern and color of the fabric ❀ You made a really good choice.

    • many thanks! πŸ˜€ thank goodness for my twin (aka my dummy), couldn’t have done it without it, LOL! now let’s wait for something like Project Runway to come up here again.

  2. Such a creative mind! I don’t know how you did it, but … WOW! This fabric makes the dress even more special: lovely watercolour washout dots help you to conver the beautiful message! Congrats with your new make! Go for the Project Runaway!

    • thank you! i did it the ‘idiotic’ way: (on the dummy) pleats first, put pins on them and then bit by bit added the flap on the top. when i got the perfect size of pleats & flap then i unpinned the fabric & sew the pleats, and then the neckline. tadaaah! πŸ˜€ the rest is history.
      the Finnish Project Runway only lasted for 2 seasons and the last season was like 7-8 years ago? haha… so i don’t think it’s happening. :p

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