see what you want to see

just a little test: what’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you see this print?


when i saw this fabric, what came to my mind was Frida Kahlo. i don’t know why, maybe it’s the bold colours and the flowers. and maybe because i like her works a lot.


self-made dress, earrings from Tekka Centre, Little India-Singapore, second hand belt from UFF, unbranded tights, Casio watch.

but when i showed it to my co-worker, she said, “ooh, what a nice Slavic print!”. it made me think afterwards that i guess it does look kind of similar to some print you might see on a matryoshka doll.

isn’t it funny though that we always first see what we want to see, and people’s perspective about one same thing can be completely different than the others? the same goes for a lot of other things, like we only read (and understand) what we want to read, we hear what we want to hear, etc. what our brains perceive often depends on our moods, personal preference, and i guess it also has a lot to do with our own knowledge.

in this case, since i’m more familiar with Frida Kahlo, i decided that to me this dress is a Frida dress no matter what other people say about the print. 😀


the pattern is something i’ve used multiple times before, called Drop-Waist Gather Drape Dress from Drape Drape book vol. 1. the last dress i made from the same pattern was a success because of its ease (both to sew and to wear), and since i had been using that one a lot of times, it was time to make another one.

after taking the pictures, i just realized that the seams on the sleeves were off (leftmost picture), but rest assured that they were corrected afterwards! 😀


just like the previous dress, i made the hem 15 cm longer so i can wear this dress for work. the material of this fabric is also the same as the last one, viscose jersey.


now that i see this picture from the back side, the silhouette & print of the dress actually kind of remind me of a Chinese cheongsam. see, even my own perspective changes easily!

fridadress4other than the sleeves’ seams, there’s really nothing new to say about this dress, which is exactly the reason why i made this: it’s a tried & true pattern, made with a tried & true type of material, guaranteed to be worn many times throughout the year. and may i just say that i had fun dressing up as Frida? ❤

second sewing project of the year is done and i’m still keeping my resolution so far! 😉

10 thoughts on “see what you want to see

  1. Although, I understand that you see Frida in it (I am a huge fan too), but this is a typical Russian print. They make shawls using this prints, and I even inherited three big shawls from my grandmother. Back to the dress! This patterns looks very flattering on you! I could not agree more with TNT models and fabrics: there’s no reason to find new ways, if the old ones work!

    • LOL, yes, i did my homework right after my co-worker said it, and found that it’s a pretty common Russian print. but Frida sounds more appealing, hahaha! 😀
      and as for sewing projects, i’m ‘afraid’ this year i’m only going to do TNT models, nothing else. as long as they work, right? 😉

  2. For me, I saw a Chinese-y pattern and imagined a cheongsam. So you can imagine how “shocked” I was when I read that you also saw a cheongsam when you looked at the backside photo!! Hahaha……. Maybe the red flowers reminded me of the peony flowers I usually see on Chinese style patterns. Well, come to think of it, yes, I also see Russian style there….. maybe they influenced each other, seeing as China (Mongolia?) and Russia are neighbours too.
    I agree with you, stick to tried and true patterns. Like I try to stick to tried and true designs of outfits or shoes that I buy, hahaha…… Saves a lot of disappointments 😀
    Last but not least, congrats again for the big success, the dress really suits you well, qua model as well as colours. And I smiled seeing your Frida Kahlo style eyebrow make up here!!
    ❤ ❤ ❤

  3. Oh my, I love the dress ❤ My first thought was, Chinese, because I clearly saw dragons. After a closer look I could see there were no dragons. But I think there is so much more of both Slavic print and Kahlo style over it than dragons:)

    • thank you! wow, i do like how you can see dragons in the print! 😀 LOL, that’s a good one! maybe you’re already thinking of seeing the Chinese New Year celebration in Helsinki this Friday? 😀 (there will be dragons, of course. i imagine you will love taking pictures there!)

    • ahaha, tooosss! 😀 okay, so Flamenco is Spanish and Frida is Mexican, but that’s quite close (historically). i think our minds think alike! haha… and thank you for the compliment!

  4. Yeah I think there are certainly some similarity in patterns, with Russian and that Mexican type of pattern, big bold red flowers. I read somewhere about these patterns are actually gypsy community based, hence the spread of these patterns around the world. Obviously the Mexican came from the Spanish pattern, the actual Indian mexican patterns are more geometric as in triangles, squares and stuff. I don’t know but the dress looks awesome.

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