i believe my husband, family, and probably my ex-boyfriends can vouch for me when i say that i have a complicated mind. and, maybe, it shows by what kind of style, art, and design interests me most. dramatic ones, full of things going on here and there, full of colours: all of those speak to me best, because we speak the same language.

that’s the best excuse i have for loving intricate patterns, bold prints, and strange shapes in fashion. that’s what i had been pursuing in most of my sewing projects since i learned how to sew.

but this year i wanted to try something else. i promised myself to make something i really need, something i would wear over and over again, though still clearly saying to the world: this is me.

i needed to simplify. it shouldn’t be hard, because otherwise that would contradict the whole purpose of being simple. i chose something i have done before and gave it a little bit of twist, while still being simple.


self-made dress, Daiso stockings, COS shoes, Casio watch.

my relationship with green colour has always been close, especially since discovering last year that it will be THE colour of 2017. and the base pattern of this dress is the same as the green & pink slit dresses i made last year, from Ottobre design woman magazine.

greenstripedressdetail1as i wrote on my previous blog post, i have been wearing my green slit dress on repeat because of its classic cut & material. for this one, i chose a material that doesn’t even wrinkle in use, let alone after wash.

the ‘me’ in this dress is obviously in the details. the studs on the shoulders should give this dress a little bit of a ‘rocker’ factor, and the little teardrop hole surprise at the back would say that “i’m probably not like what you think i am”. simple, yet still me. 🙂


when i said i’ve used this pattern before, you’d think this project was a breeze for me. well, guess what? of course it wasn’t. this fabric is polyester knit, and i swear i tried to stretch it when i bought it. as i was cutting the sleeves after modifying it to be longer than the original version, i tried again just how stretchy this material is… and was aghast at the realization that it stretched the WRONG WAY. so even though i cut the fabric the correct way (straight grains etc.) the fabric unfortunately stretches lengthwise. and i realized this after everything was cut. PERFECT! *cries blood*

thankfully, since it is knit, albeit a thick one, it still stretches a tiiiiiny bit widthwise as well. so i sewed this dress with only half expectation that i would actually fit into this dress. i thought that if i couldn’t wear it, i could probably try to sell it, somehow.


so you can imagine how thrilled i was, after i sewed all the parts & tried it on, to find that it fitted perfectly! yay! that’s it, and no more donuts or buns for me! 😀

greenstripedress1this dress was also a good practice for me to align the stripes (= quite stressful). i didn’t do a perfect job, but i’m getting there. the hardest part for me was the collar, because i had to stretch it the best way i could while keeping in mind that the stripes have to be in the right places. well, maybe i’ll ace it next time.

this first project of 2017 certainly satisfied my itch for sewing, and i have a feeling i will wear this dress many, many times. ❤


20 thoughts on “simplified

  1. You did it again! 😀 Very stylish, sophisticated dress with a bit of fun in it!
    It’s always so entertaining to read about your latest projects, and exciting, too! Because always there’s some “problem” coming up, and then to read how you overcame it, or how it finally turned out or solved itself….. really sometimes like watching a movie 😀
    Must give you a big applause again for this latest feat and success!! ❤ ❤ ❤

    • thank you very much for the supporting words! ❤ forgot to write that i overcame this one also by sewing the seam allowances at the very minimum. 😀 but i should really cut the in-between snacks from now on, LOL!

    • thank you very much, Pie!
      psst, let me tell you another secret: ‘kreatif karena miskin’, ahahaha! that’s something i learned from Kobo-Chan manga books when i was in high school, where Kobo-Chan’s grandmum had to repair a cardigan that has a big lint ball by creating even more lint balls & thus the cardigan looks like it’s supposed to have balls all over it. 😀 so she said to herself, “i’m creative because i’m poor”, which i think always rings true! when you don’t have money you’re stuck with what you have and you just have to overcome your problem with any way you can… and that’s how you become creative. 😉

  2. Love Love Love the dress!I love green too, my coat at the moment which I love and wear all the time is green. Well done for being patient and overcoming that problem of the cut, I wouldn’t know what to do, if I was you I probably gave up midway. Btw, Are you really not on instagram? join us in instagram 🙂

    • ahaha, thank you! i couldn’t give up because i already spent money for the fabric, LOL. so i had to try no matter what. 😀
      yes, i really am not on Instagram, hahaha… not really into it, i guess. i prefer writing, is that strange? i have sometimes taken a peek at your Instagram though. 🙂

      • the thing is, i always have a problem editing my writing. meaning, i write too much, it won’t fit in Twitter or Instagram (wait, does Instagram even have any character limit?). typical Javanese problem. 😀 but if i change my mind about it one day, you’ll be the first to know!

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