double, double, toil and trouble

for some reason, lately i’ve been getting or doing things in double. first there were the Tweedledum and Tweedledee dresses i made, back to back. afterwards, though i didn’t make two pairs at once, but i made a twin of my fave pair of boyfriend jeans. and now, these.

can you guess which ones i made and which ones i bought? 😀

the correct answer are the dresses. (did you get that right?)



the rib knit shirts were from H&M, i liked them so much i decided to get 2 of the same model!

as for the dresses, i first made the pink one using a super cheap tube jersey fabric, thinking that it would just be a prototype, so even if it fails i wouldn’t be too sorry about it. it’s 100% cotton, and it looks like interlock jersey, so it’s slightly thick.


self-made dress and vest, H&M tights, shoes gift from my friend S, earrings from Metro Dept. Store – Jakarta.

i wanted to make a simple dress with these rib knit dresses as inspirations.


images from various sources, i only remember… sorry!

i wasn’t planning on using any pattern, but then i happened to come across this lovely & easy top pattern from Ottobre design woman 5/2016 magazine, pattern no. 5 (Vintage Lines), thanks to my colleague L who lent it to me!


instead of cutting the front part on fold, i made it into 2 separate parts so that i could add the slit at the bottom. i added about 70 cm length from the waistline and sewed close the center front seam until about 22 cm from the raw edged bottom. the rest was done according to the original pattern.

it worked out so well, i just had to make another one! the so-called prototype dress became a real dress that i can wear to the outside world.



the green jersey was of the same price as the pink one, also a tube jersey, and also 100% cotton, but it looks more like rib knit & is a lot thinner than the pink one. i started cutting the fabric at around 3 pm, and was done with the very last stitch at a bit after 5 pm.


self-made dress, second hand belt from UFF, Indiska bracelets, Just Kulkith shoes.

of course i was too lazy to change the overlocker threads to another colour, so i used the same for both dresses: white. so what, right? 😀

i really liked how they both turned out. sometimes i’m just too lazy to think of what to wear for work, or what to mix and match… with these dresses i just need to grab them from the closet and wear them like that (though i guess i have to use tights underneath for the pink one, as it’s quite transparent due to the light colour!).



i think i have proven that everything good comes in twos. maybe one day they will change to be threes if i feel like repeating myself again, ha!

and have you noticed how i’ve been embracing solid coloured fabrics these days? i hope i will continue to surprise you. 😉

PS. please excuse my tired face, i just had a long week of work and was having a pretty bad migraine when i took the pics.

12 thoughts on “double, double, toil and trouble

  1. Love them both ❤
    The green one definitely makes you look sooo sophisticated 😀 (remember someone said "sophisticated young lady" …… )
    Personally I also like solid coloured outfits, because it's then easier to mix and match with various accessories, scarves etc.

    • LOL, thank you! 😀 yes, i’ve just come to appreciate that solid colours are easier to mix & match… but the first reason i learned how to sew was to be different than others, which i thought was easier to achieve by having a one-of-a-kind print sewn into one-of-a-kind style of garment. after making many of those, i just realized it’s so hard to mix & match anything from my wardrobe… 😀

      • But I think that you also have a flair for mixing and matching seemingly clashing colors and patterns! I admire that, too! It’s something I can’t do or don’t have the courage to do, hahaha ……

  2. Both shirts and pink dress look good. But, it’s the green one which is such a good colour and suites you so well. I think you look so elegant and sophisticated. Movie star, red carpet look 🙂

  3. Hope you are feeling better- migraines are the worst! I really love both dresses, especially the green. LOL I was totally surprised by solid fabrics, mostly because you and I both wear so many prints! It’s good to change it up 🙂 you’ve inspired me!

    • thankies! the migraine’s gone the next day, thankfully! 😀 ahaha, it won’t be long now till i go back to prints, but it is good to have some solid coloured fabrics/clothes sometimes, just in case i run out of things to mix and match! 😉

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