travelling without moving

“if i were to visit you later this year, would that be okay?” asked a friend of mine, V, some time early this year. mind you, we live half a world apart and hadn’t seen each other since 2010. and even then we only met for like 10 minutes. before i moved to Finland, we used to meet everyday, or at the very least every weekend because i was in a long distance relationship with you-know-who and she was single at that time. we accompanied each other in our singledoms. 😀


long time no see!

so of course you can guess how i answered her question. everything was just a crazy idea at that time, but after months of plannings and messages back & forth, it finally came: the moment she was finally here in Finland to visit me!

it was a short visit among the rest of her Europe trip, but we had lots of fun! it’s not everyday (not even every month, or year!) that somebody from Indonesia comes to visit me, and then i get to show her/him around. for me to talk freely in Indonesian and see the city like a tourist felt like travelling without moving… because i didn’t actually go anywhere, just experienced the same city/things in different ways, in ways a tourist would.

Marimekon tehtaanmyymälä (Marimekko’s Factory Outlet)

would you believe it if i tell you that all these years i’ve lived here, i had never once gone there? well, i made it my personal goal that we went there right away on the 1st day, because i knew she would just love it. and she did. i think she died a little there from seeing all the lovely things, LOL.

Kiasma Contemporary Art Museum

one of my all time fave museums/galleries. currently they show Choi Jeong Hwa’s Happy Together collection, which i really love, along with Ernesto Neto’s and Jani Ruscica’s collection. (there are other artworks by other artists as well, but the main/solo ones are what i previously wrote.)

we had a great time here, touching things, smelling things (yep, there’s an installation for your sense of smell!), and just being wowed by the fun artworks.

Ateneum Art Museum

we came here on the very last day of her visit and barely made it before the museum closed. they currently showcase Alice Neel’s artworks which are just fantastic! there are also Finnish artists’ artworks in Stories of Finnish Art and Italian print artworks in the Great Rider collection.

we met up with my other friend, E. it was kind of surreal for me to actually witness my 2 friends from different parts of the world & different times of my life meeting each other!

Other Places & Foods

at first i had planned to introduce Finnish foods to my friend, but i guess that’s too idealistic… because to be honest, the best place to find Finnish foods is from people’s homes! meaning: i would have to cook them myself. and i was too lazy for that, LOL! so i scrapped that idea and just followed my tummy when it was time for us to eat.

i really enjoyed playing tourist as i get to do things i don’t normally do. and having someone you know getting excited over something you’ve been taking for granted allows you to see it differently, and gets you excited as well.

thank you for coming, V! hope to see you again real soon! 🙂

PS. most of the pics here were taken by V and used by permission.

17 thoughts on “travelling without moving

  1. Awww How amazing! The best friends were finally reunited! I can actually imagine your excitement to seeing your friend but also to have a different look at a place, where you live! Thanks for sharing with us this very personal visit!

    If you like having people around, I could visit you some day! I am not kidding 🙂 Who would say no to the Marimekko outlet and gelatos??????

    • yay, of course i would like you to visit! have you ever been to Finland before? other than Marimekko & gelatos i think you would like the fabric store & Finlayson stores (they sell Moomin fabrics!). just let me know waaay beforehand so i can ask for a few days off from work to show you around. 🙂

  2. So happy for you to have had this very refreshing “travel” 😀
    It kind of reminds me of way back when I visited you there, it was so much fun, and I enjoyed every minute of being with you and A, and your mom-in-law. How I wish we can some day repeat all that again ❤ … and add the places you visited just now with V …. 😀

  3. Hi Puni, i just read this post hahahaha. I am so touched reading this, really. And yes, it was so fun i won’t forget it. And that Marimekko outlet!! eventhough i got broke from shopping a lot, i felt like i belong there 😀 hahahaha. Thank you so much from being a great host! Looking forward to go there again, or to see you here, or somewhere 😉 say hi to A and E :)))

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