vintage-style resort pants

whenever i hear the words “resort collection”, in my mind i would see this kind of pants. and if i add the words “vintage-style” to it, these pants pretty much sum it. 😀


self-made T-shirt and pants, Just Kulkith shoes, Oasap earrings.

i really meant it when i said that there are many mornings (and nights) when i open my closet to look for something to wear… and regret the fact that i don’t have that many solid coloured clothing items. i mean, do you know how many pants i have that are non-print, not counting my one and only blue denim pants that i sewed 2 years ago? one pair. the other pants i have all have prints, from almost normal to crazy ones.

so it was necessary for me to get some solid coloured fabric for pants. *sigh* there goes my new year resolution out the window.

anyway, the fabric i got was this gorgeous pink viscose (or viscose blend) twill. oooh, i just love the feel of it, and the colour is still me even though it has no print, don’t you think? 😉

i was so nervous when sewing these pants, because when there’s no print it means every mistake you make and every crooked stitch will be clearly visible. so i made sure i used interfacing for this project, in all the places that i should have them (no room for being lazy this time!) and sewed as calmly as my patience could take.

burda012016_119i used a pattern from Burda Style magazine 01/2016, number 119. prior to copying the pattern, i read a review that this is one of those patterns that seem to be larger than normal. this pattern is in tall sizes, and by normal standard i should be using size 40, which is similar to size 80 in tall sizing. but instead, i copied size 76 (one size smaller than 80) and prayed that they would fit (okay, i did measure the pattern pieces & calculated them. see, i wasn’t that lazy!).


there are 2 versions of the pattern: A has longer hem & without a belt and B is shorter & have a belt. i chose the B one for the length, and still took away about 10 cm from it, and omitted the belt/belt loops.

as always with Burda Style instructions, i got completely lost when i was supposed to do the waist part, so i pretty much improvised everything there. :p


and thanks to J, my co-worker, i learned that the best way to sew the hem of pants is to do it by hand (doh! i guess it’s obvious to some seamstresses/tailors out there, i wonder why it just never occurred to me!). that was what i did this time, and it worked like a charm. this is by far the neatest pants hem i have ever done!


when the pants were done, i couldn’t help feeling like i was seeing my husband’s grandmum’s pants. 😀 they really look big, and i guess the high waist make them look old. hence the name vintage-style resort pants.


but guess what? i absolutely adore them! yay for granny pants! i have to admit that i’m one of those who can’t really dig into the whole hipster/low waist and skinny pants/jeans trend. the higher the waist is better, i say, and loose/straight/boyfriend/whatever cut that isn’t skinny/super tight on me means love. so these pants, with the solid colour and all, are like the answers to my prayers.


i feel quite proud of myself for producing something useful (because of the solid colour) that actually also look good (enough). i’m beginning to love non-print fabrics, and seeing the nice outcome of this project already made me think of what else i could make out of solids. a dress? a skirt? or another pair of pants? wait and see! ❤

15 thoughts on “vintage-style resort pants

    • many thanks! i love those kind of pants too! and i do know what you mean about deciding what to make out of gorgeous fabrics… that’s why sometimes it takes years for me to even start a project, LOL! 😀 hope you’ll decide soon though, i’d love to see!

  1. So happy for you that you got the “answer to your prayers”…. 😀
    It fits you nicely! And I love the pink colour.
    Again, a big SUCCESS project! Congrats! ❤

    • kiitos! yes, i don’t think i will make these kind of pants that often, because of the long time i need to sew them. i hope these will last long, so i don’t need to make new ones just yet! 😀

  2. It looks good and complicated to make! I think I have been spending to long in the UK and with a childish brain, as when you said Granny Pants, I thought of ‘Celana Dalam Nenek2’ hahahah! Because in UK English, Pants= underpants. Anyway don’t mind me and my silly brain, this looks fantastic, the colour is so striking still, look forward to see your other tops with it.

    • ahahah, i did think it sounds a bit like ‘granny panties’ (i think that’s the American way of saying underpants), but didn’t know that they’re actually called ‘pants’ in UK. 😀 ok then, it should’ve been granny trousers? LOL.

      thanks so much, and oh, i think you will indeed see my other tops with these pants! 😉

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