a Singaporean summer, part 1 of 3

at some point during my time in Indonesia, traveling to Singapore became something ‘ordinary’. perhaps it was the time budget airlines started to pop up here and there, making it so easy and cheap for Indonesians to go there.

but now as a Finn, i can tell you that having a holiday in Singapore is somewhat luxurious. i mean, even the ticket already costs a lot!

for me & my husband, though, it was worth it. because the main thing about this holiday was to meet up my parents & sister & her daughter, yay!

to maximize our time together, we decided to rent an apartment instead of staying at a hotel. airbnb helped a lot! our place was just perfect, right in the middle of everywhere & it was so easy to get around with the MRT.

i have to admit that prior to coming to Singapore, i only had 2 places on my list, both of them for the same obvious reason: to look for fabrics! but i ended up doing much more and going to many other places, getting positively surprised by the things we saw & experienced.

Arab Street

this is one of the places originally on my list. i saw from the internet that it’s a recommended place for buying fabrics, and one of the best stores is called Mahaco Silk. to save my energy (and my companion’s–my mum and my husband), we went straight there first. i found what i was looking for and something else, but i’m not gonna post pics of them yet until i’ve sewn them. 😀 i actually didn’t have time to take any pictures as i was gorging on the views of lovely fabrics, so these pics were taken by my husband. apologies for not having any pics of the Mahaco Silk store, but it should be easy for you to Google it.

tip #1: you can always try to bargain at the stores here. chances are you will get a discount or then the salesperson will offer you another product that has almost the same quality but with less price.

tip#2: it’s always good to prepare cash (and this actually goes for the whole Singapore, not just this street), but surprisingly the Mahaco store accepts most major credit cards. they even have a website and ship fabrics internationally, though they say the prices are in USD. (i haven’t checked it myself, since i’ve really overdosed on fabric-buying.)

Merlion Park

if it weren’t for my sister promising her daughter that we would go there, i don’t think i would’ve even gone there. 😀 it is of course the iconic thing from Singapore, so i suppose it’s okay to go there once in my lifetime.

tip: do NOT attempt to go there on a hot sunny Saturday between 12-4 pm! you would get sunburns, lots of sweat, and there are just really too, too much people/tourists in the park. but we had to do it, just for my niece. so while we were there, we just had to make the most of it, aka take lots of pictures! (i only posted a few to spare you all from boredom.)

Gardens by the Bay

not originally on my list, but my sister’s friend and my cousin’s wife, both living in Singapore, highly recommended it. since we were already in the neighbourhood, my parents and i decided to give it a try. it turned out to be one of the best days of the whole trip, i texted my husband to come along for fun. we all enjoyed it to the max!

in case you didn’t know, it’s completely free to enter the outdoor gardens. what’s not free is if you decide to take the shuttle bus, go up the Supertree Grove, or enter the domes (Flower Dome & Cloud Forest). at first i only wanted to see the free ones, but after seeing the magnificently built Supertree Grove, we finally decided to go up. the time limit is 15 minutes, but it was well worth it!

tip #1: just like the Merlion Park, it’s best to come here after 4 pm. we were lucky that it was cloudy & even drizzling a bit, so we didn’t get any sunburns. however, since there are plenty of mosquitoes–some carry dengue fever–i would advise you to put on mosquito repellent when coming here. even if it wasn’t dengue fever, it would save you from having itchy mosquito bites!

tip #2: my sister came here after us and she stayed until it got dark. she & her daughter got to see the grove trees light up and change colours, and she said it was quite awesome. so if you have the time, try staying there until the lights go up.

before this becomes a much too long post, i’d better stop it here. hopefully i’ll be able to post the ‘sequels’ very soon!


10 thoughts on “a Singaporean summer, part 1 of 3

  1. Thanks for posting all this! It’s like “reliving” every moment of our great holiday together!! ❤ ❤ ❤
    Can't wait for the coming sequels 😀

    • i wanted to do it while i still remember the details, but there are sooooooooooooo many pics to choose from, and i had to edit them all! 😀 it takes time to do the sequels, so please be patient, hehehe!

  2. Super fantastic holiday you had with your family in Singapore. The pictures are great. You and your mother look like twins. Such a good picture. Looking forward to the next posting 🙂

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