cut it out!

woot, i’m back again with yet another wacky fashion post.


self-made top and skirt, Mango handbag strap worn as headband.

it started when i was browsing & Other Stories website for ideas, as always. i saw this slit-ty/cut-out swimming suit and didn’t think so much of it.


picture borrowed from & Other Stories website.

until i suddenly remembered this particular Burda Style pattern that looked like that, with similar kind of slits on the neckline, only it’s in the form of a jumpsuit. and then i thought… this silhouette must be kind of trendy right now, haha. (i laughed because for someone who doesn’t want to follow trends, i actually copied many trends already. *sigh*)

pattern # 112 from Burda Style magazine 04/2016. image borrowed from

and whenever i get a small idea like this, it grows bigger and bigger in my head until i can’t ignore it anymore and just have to make it. my fabric of choice was this sheer knit fabric with a touch of pleats & glitters. it had been sleeping in my cupboard for, oh, 4 years. i only had about 50 cm of it, so i knew i had to combine it with something else for the hem part. i went with a leftover pleated chiffon fabric i used for my old skirt (worn on the pictures).


so what is so wacky about this top, you ask? well, if you see the above picture closely, the front view (left side) shows it best: when i had to sew the sides of the pleated chiffon part i stretched out the fabric for some unknown reason. and the result, as you can clearly see, is a very wacky side seam. yay. not. ugh.

luckily when i wear the top, it’s quite tight on that part–thanks to my wide hips–so the wacky seam can be hidden.


i also originally tried to make the top have sleeves, and failed because i forgot to add width to the shoulder parts. duh. but whatever, i think it still looks appropriate enough, even for work.


for the back side, i didn’t want it to be that open-for-all, so i decided to sew most of it until about 10 cm from the neckline.

slittop4for the string that goes on the neckline, instead of making it from the fabric, i used a satin bias tape and sewed the edges together. much easier that way. :p


i actually really really love the end result (minus the wacky side seam). plus, it was quick to make. i am already thinking of making another version as a dress. maybe next year, when i can finally buy some new fabrics. 😀

to throw in more fun to this already wacky top, for this photo shoot i used the strap of my bag as a headband, combined with an elastic headband.


picture borrowed from Mango website.

that’s all for now. thanks for reading and yep, you can always expect to see more wacky fashion updates from me!


8 thoughts on “cut it out!

  1. 😀 yes, quite wacky! Love the color and your choice of fabric for the hem, and the ingenious trick with the bag-strap! All in all, well done! ❤

    • yesss! that was my plan, to look like flapper girl, yay! glad you saw it, haha! thank you so much. 🙂 i always see ‘possibilities’ in small fabric scraps, which is bad in a way, because i could never throw away any fabric.

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