if Sundel Bolong was fashionable


self-made top, Zara TRF pants, Indiska bracelets, earrings from Indonesia Wholesaler store.

have you ever heard of the Indonesian ghost called Sundel Bolong?

i won’t go into details, but the main traits of this ghost are that it’s female, most likely pretty with long black hair… and there’s a big gaping hole on her back. if you’re not worried to get nightmares, you are free to google it. just for the record, i first got to know about this lady ghost when i was probably in 2nd grade. we were at my classmate’s birthday party, and they decided to entertain us 7-8 year old kids by showing us a ghost movie. seriously?!? parents, what were you thinking? needless to say, i got nightmares about it, sometimes even to this date. brrr.


anyway, that ghost came to my mind when i finished this project, thanks to the big gaping hole at the back. all i can say is, i’m glad the ghost only came to my mind, not actually coming to visit me!

openbacktopdetail1this is a very simple top, done without any pattern. i only had 45 cm (140 cm wide) of the printed viscose fabric, which was just enough for the bodice & sleeves. for the bottom part, i used the same fabric as my last sewing project (and now that fabric is well & truly finished! all used! yay!), which is also viscose. see, i followed the rule this time. :p

while the design for this top is nothing original–seen already in H&M, Mango, Gina Tricot, and all the likes–i had never done this kind of top before. and the fact that i could do it just from a tiny piece of fabric deserves a special mention, i think! 😉

openbacktop2my fave part, other than the back hole, is the button at the back. i bought it from Toko Maju – Mayestik, Jakarta, many years ago, and never had the chance to use it until now. it’s made of white yarn, intricately woven to create a pattern. it was quite hard to sew with my super small & dainty needle, but i am so happy with the result. it added a nice, ethnic feeling to the whole look of the top.

the hardest part i encountered was to make the bottom part look nice. i didn’t want to make a crop top, which is why i decided to add the length by using a second fabric. and instead of having the back side completely open at the bottom, i wanted it to be attached to the bottom part. and as always, sewing something together that is attached to thin air (= middle part of the bottom) is hard, because you have to really make it look neat.


but i daresay i did okay.

openbacktop5so what do you say, Sundel Bolong, dear? if you are tired of your white dress & should ever want to be a bit more fashionable, i believe this top is perfect for you. 😀


10 thoughts on “if Sundel Bolong was fashionable

  1. Oooh! I really love the fabric and I think the top really turned out well! The menfolk better beware…. 😀

    In the US, kids are subjected to clowns around 2nd grade, which is probably just as traumatic. You’d be surprised at how many adults have a phobia of clowns.

    • thank you so much!

      yeah, i don’t get why adults/parents feel the need to scare small kids that way. :p i can understand now why Stephen King made ‘It’ the way ‘It’ is!

  2. hahaha….I am sure Sundel Bolong would love to wear this top!! I love the colour and pattern of the fabric! Very good job! ❤

    • thanks a bunch! hehe, a little more colour to the colourless ghost wouldn’t hurt, right? 😀 and i actually think the print reminds me a bit of batik… so it’s even more appropriate for her, LOL!

      • I have the feeling that she might chill out a bit if she had a stylish top like that!! The fabric and colors sure brighten up MY mood.

  3. Such a nice top to wear on hot summer days 🙂 The Sundel Bolong ghost story is not familiar to me. I think she would find your self-made top the perfect one.

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