how to wear a circle

just another quick sewing project, resulting in an odd piece–but i love it!


self-made top, Zara TRF cropped jeans, necklaces from Legian – Bali.

it was meant to be a cheap copy of this COS circle top, though of course since i used cotton jersey (for the top part) instead of silk/viscose jersey, the result is not quite like what the original looks like. 😀


images borrowed from COS store’s website.


see the difference? well… i do. but that’s okay! i love how different it came out and you know me… the weirder the better!


so basically the shape of this top is (supposed to be) a circle. i made the top part from jersey so that i don’t need any closures. the bottom part is made of printed viscose crepe from a scrap of fabric i got left from this dress. and before you say it, i also love how the whole print is actually a production fault. 😀


you guessed it. since i used fabric scraps for the bottom part, there wasn’t a big enough piece to make the whole back side, hence the seam in the middle. ah, the challenges of working with fabric scraps!

circletop6to me it’s interesting to see how the top looks completely different when i am in different positions (see the 2 last pics above). it’s like it has a life of its own. 😉


i know i said that this was supposed to be a copy of the COS top, but my version actually reminds me more of Ted Baker’s flowery clothes. that doesn’t hurt at all!


this was one of those “under 3 hours” sewing projects that ended up sweetly.


it may not be normal or pleasing for everyone else, but i’ve given up pleasing everyone else anyway. as i learned last year, sewing is fun when i do it for myself, and not to get comments or approvals from other people.

on that note, while sewing this circle top, i found myself singing this particular song over and over. and how fitting, since the song is also called “Circle” (by Edie Brickell & New Bohemians).

PS. i do not own the video, song, nor the lyrics. i just borrowed them for personal use.


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