night baking

it was a bit after 8 pm when we finished dinner, and we realized that we didn’t have any sweets for dessert. i had, however, just bought the ingredients to a new recipe for cookies i wanted to try making, though i had planned to make it some other day, when my brain is fresh etc. but my husband “demanded” (well, okay, actually he asked nicely) if i could do it that night instead.

ufff, testing a recipe i had never tried at night seemed scary, but whatever. i tried my best.

the recipe is from here. i had never made cookies on my own, the only time i “made” them was using a dough my mum-in-law made, and all i did was flatten it with the rolling pin and made nice shapes etc. this recipe only used 3 ingredients, so that really sounded perfect for a lazy beginner like me.


before putting them in the oven

i actually had expected that i would encounter problems already when making the dough (as i usually do, since i don’t have kitchen scale & only guesstimate the measurements). but thankfully it went okay. they look very oily in the picture, but i can assure you that they’re fairly easy to work with: not too sticky, not too tough. as i said, this was my first time making cookies from scratch (well, almost), so pardon the not-so-perfect round shapes.

after baking it for about 8 minutes (and being scared that they wouldn’t harden at all), it was time for the truth.


after being in the oven

and the truth was they actually looked like cookies! yay!

since i was still a bit scared of failure, i let them cool down a while before finally i couldn’t hold back the suspense. alright, let’s try them!


i was mainly afraid that the stuffing, that was meant to be melted like in the picture, would become hard after the cookies were baked. but to my happiness, it wasn’t hardened. so there goes the second yay!


and since the author of the recipe noted that she prefers the cookies to be chewy, hence the short baking time, i followed her advice. the result was indeed chewy textured cookies, which is just heavenly delicious! i also love the fact that the cookies aren’t overly sweet, i think they were just perfect! third yayyyy!

as a tiny little footnote, when i was first thinking of trying this recipe, my husband wasn’t too excited. he thought baked nutella tastes more like nuts than chocholate. he wasn’t thrilled at all when i went ahead and bought the ingredients.

but when he took a bite of these cookies… he just couldn’t stop eating them. πŸ˜€ now he already wanted me to bake a second batch!

i’m so glad this recipe turned out great for me. it took me probably around an hour to prepare (i am slow), but since this was a successful night baking, i did not mind it at all. πŸ™‚

PS. i stored this cookies in a closed container in room temperature to keep the stuffing melted. it worked, though to be honestΒ itΒ did not last very long until the whole batch was eaten.

7 thoughts on “night baking

  1. Yay, yayy, yayyy ! Three times πŸ™‚ My they look yummy ! And also so quick and simple to make. Gotta try em πŸ™‚

    What has happened to the comments ? For some time I have had troubles with it. Then I give up and don’t comment at all 😦

  2. Yum!! Can imagine how it tastes like. You really must make this for me some time! Hahaha, and you can be sure I would finish the cookies off in much shorter time than you two…. LOL
    Really amazed of your feat this time! Bravo! ❀

    • haha, thanks! they are actually quite fulfilling though, which is good for fat-control. πŸ˜€ but anyway, it’s so easy to make, i’m sure you/Mbak can also do it. πŸ˜‰

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