memoirs of a Japanese wannabe

self-made kimono, jumpsuit from a street side store at Ubud – Bali, second hand velvet & lace top from Pasar Senen – Jakarta, unbranded earrings from ITC Ambassador – Jakarta.

i know, i know, i just said it on my last post that i want to try sewing like i used to, giving it time & making it A-perfect rather than just making it as quick as possible so i can wear it right away.

kimono1but i can’t help it once in a while. like for this kimono, all i did was cut the pieces without measuring them, then sewed most of the seams with the overlocker, and finished the edges… and yes, i was done! i believe it only took about 3 hours from cutting the fabric till the last stitch was in place.


the fabric was bought in 2013, prior to my moving to my current work place. i already planned to make it as a simple kimono, and yet for some reason i never picked it up from my closet. now, my lovely kimono, it’s your turn to shine!

kimono3in my mind, i wanted to make the print fall on the sleeves. but when i realized that the print was to big to be shown completely on the sleeves, i changed my mind. now from the back and front side, the fishes are all on the same side.

kimono4i haven’t made up my mind yet if i would ever wear this kimono outside of the house or will it just be my “dressing gown” for use at home. since it was done in a rush and without any careful planning, the sewing isn’t really that neat.

kimono5but at least it looks great with my jumpsuit from Bali. it reminds me of teenage girls gangsters in Japanese mangas, and maybe a little bit of geishas.

kimono6or maybe these are just my wishful thoughts since i am a Japanese wannabe.


12 thoughts on “memoirs of a Japanese wannabe

  1. This looks really very stylish! Definitely worth to wear outside the house; as for “not so neat sewing”, who is gonna inspect it closely, anyway? And this is a very successful “mix n match” 😀 Love this look ❤

    • yay, thanks! teehee, i don’t know if i really should be proud of that fact (only 3 hours) since i should be concentrating on perfecting my sewing. but since it’s only for myself, i think it’s okay. :p

  2. Perfect pick of the fabric, you are a marvelous seamstress. I like how you used the circles for the three pictures of the kimono.

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