egg tarts, egg f*rts

this is the second time i tried a recipe from a BuzzFeed video, and i should’ve learned from the first time (the apple roses) that i should never trust it… yet, here i was again, so sure that i could do it. :p

i think it must have been A’s blog post that made me think of egg tarts at first. i mean i’ve of course tried one or two versions of it, a long time ago, and not in Hong Kong. so when i went to Bali last December and we had a transit in Hong Kong for a mere 3 hours, i thought i would try getting my hands on one of those “original ones”. but in reality, we were so tired from the flight and there were long queues everywhere in the restaurants at the airport that in the end there was barely any time for us to hunt for an egg tart.

so when i came upon this recipe, i was delighted! i thought i was being smart and would just make them on my own. i even bought a new mould to make the tartlets.

already when i made the pastry dough, i encountered the first problem. i don’t know where i went wrong, but with the measurement according to the recipe, what i got was a very dry dough that could barely stay together. it’s like trying to make a ball out of dry sand. i mean, 2 tablespoons of egg sounds… very little. in the end, i added another slice of butter and a whole egg. NOW we’re talking. the texture of the dough finally became just like in the video.

then it was time to make the custard filling… and since the recipe said “evaporated milk”, i bought a can of that, remembering that the difference between evaporated milk and condensed milk is just that the other one is unsweetened (evaporated) and the other one is sweetened (condensed). however, after i did everything by the recipe i started to wonder if it was supposed to use the condensed milk instead, because…


… when the tarts were done, i tried it, and was disappointed with the fact that it wasn’t nearly as sweet as i remembered/thought it should be.


to give a little credit to myself, i guess i can say that the texture was otherwise okay. in these pictures the pastry just looked a bit burnt because i used regular butter to grease the mould pan.

eggtarts3out of politeness, my husband again said there’s nothing wrong with it. but i guess i had been imagining that it would be as sweet as Finnish Dallas bun and instead this was just… eggy. *sigh*

nevertheless, i ate a bunch of them already (while drinking some sweet blueberry juice). i might give it a second try one day.

also another “mistake” in the recipe (or maybe it was how i did it) was that even though i made 16 tartlets like the recipe said, i was still left with about 3/4 part of the whole custard filling after pouring it to all 16 tartlets. what a waste! okay, so i used the whole eggs, but the one who made the recipe said that it should work fine whether we use whole eggs or just the yolks.

so if there is going to be a next time i would just use 1 whole egg for the pastry dough and 3 egg yolks for the filling. i have now seen many other recipes of egg tarts, they all use evaporated milk instead of condensed milk, so i suppose that part is correct. ah well, there’s no way of finding it out for sure until i’ve tried it again next time (& hopefully succeeded!).


11 thoughts on “egg tarts, egg f*rts

  1. Well, they look good. As I am not a pastry chef or cooking hobbyist, I can’t give any useful suggestions to make better eggtarts 😛
    So did you eat them while drinking sweet blueberry juice, to get the sweetness from the juice which is a bit lacking in the custard? 😀

  2. Oh my, they look so good, so beautiful. I’m sure there was nothing wrong with them at all. By the way, when I saw your ‘apple roses’ I ofcourse had to make them. Total disaster ! Seeing your egg tarts my first thought was to go buy a mold 😀 I’ll wait and see till you have tried it again.

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