my 2015 in sewing

this year i didn’t really have any target. which was probably good, considering my unexpected dark moments in the middle of the year. i just sewed when i felt like it, and some of the projects i made this year were quite simple. and yet, i still managed to surprise myself when i counted how many sewing projects i made.

that’s 22 sewing projects in 12 months. whoopee! that is my personal best achievement so far, in terms of quantity.

other than these, i also made 2 remake projects:

whew, that really was quite a productive year!

so let’s see how it went: this year was rather special because i finally got an overlocker, yaay! by now i’ve slightly gotten the hang of it, though i am still wary of handling the threads. a small confession, i still haven’t got the guts yet to only use 3 or 2 threads. maybe next year i will!

also, it looks to me that this was a year of giving. out of 22 projects, 3 of them were gifts for other people. giving a gift is always a joy, but the feeling of creating something out of nothing and giving it to someone else AND they actually use it… it’s priceless. 🙂

what i learned this year, other than using my overlocker, was to make children’s wear. they are tiny and easy, so i might just keep doing them in the future as well!

i also learned how to sew piping (= not a very nice experience). i still have a lot to learn on this one, but yep… i’ve done it!

i learned to love solid-coloured/non-patterned fabrics, which opened a new door to a whole lot of new possibilities! not that i have any new fabrics yet for future solid-coloured sewing project, but i already have some ideas in my head. 😉

lastly, though definitely not the least, i learned that for me sewing should always be to make myself happy. fashion and sewing have been my greatest passion and hobby now for almost a decade (longer than a decade for fashion), and somewhere along the line this year i got derailed when i started comparing myself to other seamstresses and their achievements. i would love to blame it on the social media, since other seamstresses have more followers, they get more comments and likes and thumbs up and whatever else. but gradually, i realized that i had no one to blame but myself.

once i started comparing myself or my work to someone else’s, i would lose my happiness. in fact, i would never be happy, because i would feel like whatever i did, it was never good enough, not for me, not for anyone else.

so i started by not looking elsewhere and concentrated only on my own feelings. what did i feel like sewing? something cute and frilly? something simple and quick? and when i was done figuring that out, i did the project and kept it personal (= posting it only on my blog). if some friends and family liked it, i was grateful. if they didn’t, well, it was okay, because i did it for myself. i was happy when i sewed, and i was happy with the result. that was enough.

nowadays, i have gotten a bit better and started to take a few peeks at other seamstresses’ works. just enough to know what is going on in the sewing world, which i think is healthy, right?

all in all, it was another good year of sewing for me, and i am so thankful for it. i love each and every one of my sewing project, but if i have to name my most favourite this year, it would have to be the layered buttoned-up shirt. maybe it’s because i came up with the idea myself, and managed to do it just right. i’ve been wearing it like crazy ever since i made it.

i hope your 2015 also went well! merry Christmas to all and have a blessed new year!

8 thoughts on “my 2015 in sewing

  1. That’s really amazing and awesome! 22 projects in 12 months!! And I can’t make up my mind which one I like the best, they’re all soo fabulous!
    Wish you even better spirit and enthusiasm for sewing next year! ❤ ❤

  2. Everything you’ve made is fabulously creative, but my favrites are the dress of many things, and cats and dogs skirt! I hope 2016 is even more fun and creative for you! I hope I can be even half as productive as you 😉

    • Thank you very much! The dress of many things is also my number 2 fave. 😀

      So sorry for the late reply, I couldn’t get to the internet for a few days. But I do hope to see your sewing projects next year!

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