school days are NOT over

remember my love for culottes? well, this year culottes made a come back and were all the rage in pretty much every store/magazine. when my sister found that out, she laughed and said it reminded her of our high school uniform. yep, one of my high school uniforms was indeed culottes. except that they came in cream and icky brown colours. brrr.

but despite those annoying brown-culottes days, i guess i still have a thing or two for culottes. i suppose my school days are not over yet.


self-made blouse and culottes, H&M tights, ASOS cage shoes.

on a recent trip to a fabric store, i saw this fabric’s price tag (5,90€/m!) and just bought it without thinking too much. it didn’t say what the material was, but i believe it’s 100% polyester. it’s kind of stiff with satin surface. i don’t know what has gotten into me, but it seems that lately i’ve been drawn to black, white, and grey colours. i like the houndstooth print on this one. after the shopping, as i got home i started flipping through my sewing magazine stash and decided to try this pattern #126 from BurdaStyle magazine 03/2015.

it was actually (and surprsingly) quite a simple project. the only problem i had was when it came to sewing the zipper, as i just couldn’t remember how to do it right and Burda’s instructions are always a bit strange.


but after examining my old sewing projects, it came back to my mind and in the end i got to do the whole culottes in a relatively short time–about 5-6 hours from when i just copied the pattern to the pattern paper down to the last stitch.

partly due to the limited amount of the fabric, i cut the fabric about 12 cm shorter than the original pattern so i would have a higher hemline. but as i tried them on before sewing the hemline, i noticed that “my usual problem” occurred again here… since i have a somewhat tiny waist and a lot wider hip, it’s always a problem for me to know which size is best, the smaller size in which the waistline is perfectly fitting mine (and risk not being able to get into the pants/culottes because the hip area is too small) or the bigger size in which the hip area is perfectly fitting. i chose the latter, and the result is this.


when i see other seamstresses’ results, the culottes always fit nicely on their waistlines. well, for this photo shoot i wore a self-made blouse where you can see the seams on my waistline. that’s where the culottes were meant to hang from. but since i made mine according to my hip size, the waist part is a tad too big. boo. (and don’t even start telling me to sew it in to make it smaller. no thanks.)

houndsculotte5so in the end i sewed the hem another 5-7 cm higher than my original plan, just so that the culottes would be midi-length. also, instead of a button & buttonhole, i sewed a skirt hook & bar. i think it looks better that way.


other than the sad waist part, i suppose the culottes turned out nicely. they’re super comfortable to wear, even in the cold autumn. and thanks to the polyester material, they don’t even crinkle/crease!

houndsculotte3now i just need to invest on some long tops/blouses so that the error on the waist part doesn’t show too obviously. or maybe i could get off by saying, “they’re meant to be low rise culottes. haven’t you heard? it’s the newest trend!”. mm-hm. 😉

8 thoughts on “school days are NOT over

  1. I wish I had to wear culottes at school, instead we had the ugliest uniform ever. Oh well, now when I can sew 🙂 These culottes of yours! If you are not completely satisfied with the result, you should sew more, because you look awfully cool in them! I’ve never attempted to wear a pair of culottes myself, but I feel tempted now!

    • hahaha, yeah there’s always a reason to sew more culottes! 😀 but honestly i need to learn how to alter bottoms’ patterns so that they will suit me better. and then i can think of making another pair. 😉

      please do make some culottes, i’m sure you’ll look great in them!

    • i just remembered that even in those high school days i had to fold the waist part twice so that the culottes would fall just nicely & not too long. :p i wonder why i still love culottes when all my experiences with them have been unsatisfying? 😀

    • ah, i guess for me it’s the practicality. i generally like pants better than skirts, but wearing tight pants can be… tiring. 😀 so culottes are the right answer to my prayers! also, i like “deceiving” viewers, where they would think i was wearing a skirt when it turned out to be trousers (and the other way around). those kinds of “twists” in clothes are my fave! 😉

  2. My mom used to make culotte jumpsuits for me when I was much younger– and I loved them! But it never occurred to me to wear culottes now. I love how yours turned out, and I even like the lower rise of yours. It’s more casual, but still chic. Your fabric holds the shape well, and really shows off those amazing pleats… Hmmm, thinking about culottes now…

    • oh, thank you! 🙂 your comment makes me feel a lot better about the low waist part. do let me know if you do make your own pair, i’ll be sure to check them out.

      culotte jumpsuits!! how cute! and a great idea, in my opinion, even for adults! 😀

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