snow came early

as i said a few posts back, i was looking for new baking recipes to try. preferably with ‘easy’ as the middle name.

this apple roses pastry is all the rage right now in Finland. it seems like everyone posts them, makes them, and wow, it looks easy! so i went with the flow and tried making some myself.

the recipe i tried was a Finnish one, using cinnamon and vanilla sugar instead of jam for the filling.

on my first try, i soaked the apple slices in the lemon juice, heated them up in the microwave until they were easy to bend & then arranged them onto the ready-made pastry sheet. first problem encountered already at this point, the fact that i cut the apple the wrong way made the slices became too thin that they broke in the lemon juice. and i put too much apple slices in one sheet, that even when i was using more apples than what the recipe said, i was left with no more slices after filling in 5 sheets. darn it!

so i stole some apple slices from the previous 5 sheets. ergh. whatever, just let me finish making this!

when they were done, i thought they looked okay… except after i took my first bite, i noticed that not all are what they seem. so the third problem was that i stupidly put too much lemon juice when it could have been just a tiny bit of the juice plus lots of water, and i let the apple slices soak in it for too long. should have taken the slices out of the water as soon as they were able to be bent. needless to say, the first batch was a disaster because they were too sour!

i couldn’t get over the fact that i couldn’t do something that looked so simple, so the next week i decided to try another batch. this time, i didn’t use lemon at all. instead i used salt and water. also, thanks to my co-worker’s advice who’s more experienced in baking, i used a LOT of vanilla sugar–a lot more than just 1,5 tablespoon for the whole batch, as written on the original recipe.


and since i love icing sugar, of course i just used a dollop of it, too. it looked like snow came early this year! ๐Ÿ˜€

the second batch was actually edible… and delicious! okay, so since i was a bit impatient, some of the apple slices still got broken as i didn’t warm them up long enough in the microwave. but other than that, the taste was just great!


if you decide to try this recipe (there’s plenty around the internet… choose your fave one!), remember to not put too much lemon juice. seriously, the apple slices will turn darker anyway when you bake the pastries, so what if they’re brown? also remember to be generous when it comes to addingย the sugar. apples are naturally a bit sour so it doesn’t hurt to add sugar to the pastry. after the apple slices can be bent easily enough, immediately take them out from the water.

lastly, even with the ‘easy’ recipe and all, i must say that it’s just a tiny bit too much work for such a small amount of delight (even if i use the whole pastry sheets in the package, i only got 10 pieces… and about 2 hours of preparation from washing the apples till the whole pastry was done!), so i don’t think i’ll be making this any time soon. it was aย nice experience, but unless i’m having a tea party which requires a nice looking pastry to go along with the tea, i think i’ll stick to making brownies. :p


12 thoughts on “snow came early

    • i only tried this because it looked so easy. ๐Ÿ˜€ but the truth is i’m a lazy cook (and baker… and seamstress) and just like you, i also enjoy eating more thank making it myself, LOL!

  1. Congrats!! Yes, I can imagine that it’s too much work for such a tiny delight. Well, but now you know that if need be, you can make it, and successfully! ๐Ÿ˜€

    • i’m sure you can do it a lot better! ๐Ÿ˜€
      being persistent/stubborn is unfortunately one of my weaknesses, i always push myself to do something again & again until i can get it right. usually this means i can’t move on to another recipe/project until i’m satisfied with the current one. it’s tiring. :p

      • oh no! how did it go wrong? did you use the same recipe i used (the link on this post) and did you follow my suggestions? ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

        but btw, L’s reaction was exactly like my husband’s when my first batch came out & they were real sour… he said don’t throw them away & ate them all up. ๐Ÿ˜€

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