half happy or half gloomy?


self-made sweater, second hand skirt from Pasar Senen – Jakarta, earrings from Indonesia Wholesaler store, Mica Peet necklace, wooden bracelet from Finnish Lapland, beaded bracelet handmade by my friend S.

i had an entirely different plan for this glittery sweatshirt fabric, which i can tell you was pretty much boring (one of those basic statement sweaters). i wanted it to be a sweater, that much i knew. but the crazy side of me just wanted to add this and that, in the end i needed to find inspiration elsewhere… again.


the inspiration, picture borrowed from & Other Stories.

i thought it was a great idea to “insert” some craziness but not, hopefully, being over the top. hence this sweater of mine.


the v shape on the front part ended up not being as dramatic as the & Other Stories sweater because i made a miscalculation. oh well! maybe next time i’ll know better. i also thought this was the perfect opportunity to try sewing a piping to decorate the sweater.

you might be familiar with piping on pillow/cushion covers, bags, etc. it’s also quite popular for clothes, such as on coats and even on dresses. it just adds extra statement to your sewing project… and to me, it means extra work that i usually don’t like, pfffttt. but since this sweater is otherwise fairly easy to do (i did it with no pattern, just box-shaped parts for the body and rectangle-ish parts for the sleeves), i figured now’s the time to sew it.


aaand it turned out to be quite an annoying experience. because: 1. i didn’t actually have a piping cord, so i made it using an elastic cord + bias tape; 2. my sewing machine’s zipper foot is not the kind that is super narrow, so when i was sewing the piping the elastic cord failed to move forward, making creases etc. on the bias tape; 3. sewing the piping onto a V shape’s corner proved to be hard.


but you know, at least now i can proudly say that i’ve tried it & done it. if i ever feel like it again, i may attempt to make another one someday, but i wouldn’t hold my breath for that to happen.


for the sleeves’ decoration, i just sewed the quilted fabric on top of the sweater fabric, again because it’s less time-consuming & stress. i had a hard time deciding whether to finish the sleeves edges & hem or not, but as i tried the sweater on with numerous bottoms, i decided that i won’t finish them. this was my original plan anyway for the sweatshirt fabric, leave the edges unfinished so they would roll up and show the white colour from the wrong side.glitsweat2

even with all the piping drama, i must say i love the result! 🙂 if i ended up sticking to my original plan, this sweater would’ve been just grey with some statement/word on the front part (made of black sequins). it would just be like anyone else’s statement sweater, don’t you think? and i guess, somewhat gloomy. but now that i added spring colours to it, the sweater has just the perfect dose of cheerfulness & happiness.

it reminds me of a glass filled with water just to the middle part. it can be half empty or half full, depending on what you feel. how would you see this sweater? half gloomy, or half happy?

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