a lot of times in my life, if not all the time, i feel like such a loser. an unlucky loser. like, when it just so happens that i decided to take the bus because the train was late, and just when i was already waiting at the bus stop for the bus to come, i saw the train coming and it was too late for me to run back to the train station. like, trying to sew the something really nice and cool but still didn’t get featured in a certain sewing community or even any comment from anyone (except from my mum–thanks, Mum!), though i don’t know if that one has anything to do with luck or just plain unpopularity. also, like entering contests and competitions where everyone has the same chance of winning, and never winning anything.

once in a while, i do feel that the wheels turned and i was on top of things. and this time, i want to share one winning experience, because this is supposed to be a positive blog after all.

a while ago, Indonesia In My Pocket celebrated their 3rd anniversary. i swear, the writer behind this blog is just the nicest person i’ve ever known, and the blog is full of interesting things, places, & facts about anything, not just Indonesia. so to celebrate their 3rd anniversary, of course they had a giveaway. when the winner was announced (chosen by a random winner generator), i nearly couldn’t believe that i was the one.

but the package arrived and i knew i wasn’t dreaming.


when i was entering the giveaway, it said that the prize would be a package full of things from UK and the writer’s travels. since i’ve been following the blog for a while, i have known that her taste in things are quite similar with mine. so it doesn’t even matter what she would give me, i was pretty sure i would love it!

so, slowly and gently, i opened the package…



my thoughts up to this point was: aaaaaaah, i already fell in love with these wrappings! must i really open them?? noooo!

but of course i did. i already promised her that i would post them. 😀


half of the gifts were not wrapped. the chicken stickers are SO CUTE!!


the other half of the gifts. i was ready to die from too much awesomeness.

the C.R. Mackintosh book made me squeal in delight, for just a while ago there was a blog post in Indonesia In My Pocket about him & his work. the pocket notebook, made by London-based company Pygmy Cloud, i thought was perfect for me aka Silverain because of the design. clouds & raindrops? yes, please! the super cool geometric necklace (that triangular thing) is handmade by Mica, a British designer of the Mica Peet.

after unwrapping these lovelies i was a bit amazed. i mean, i knew that we have similar taste, but how could it be that i felt that the items in this package were so ME, when i won by random? i mean, what if the winner was someone else?

and that was when i suddenly noticed a note tucked under the lid of the package.


it turned out that she handpicked them for me! (after the winner was decided, of course.) how thoughtful! that really touched me and made me feel like a complete winner. ❤


ps. this thank-you card’s design is a map, and it conveniently features “Finland” in the center of the card. 😀

HUUUUUUUUGE thank you to A from Indonesia In My Pocket! sorry for the crappy pics, but please know that i love every little thing in the package & am so grateful for our friendship! thanks for making me really & truly feel like a winner. 🙂

12 thoughts on “winner

  1. aw aw aw………. really nice winner story!! And such cool things, all of them!
    Hope now the “luck” has spread all the way to you from me > just remember “all in life comes to me with ease, joy and glory!” ❤ ❤ ❤

    • are you kidding me?? i really DO love them all. 😀 quite amazed with the chicken stickers though, because i always have a hard time saying no to anything with cute chicken image/patterns (and actually in my family, my alter ego is chicken). so that was spot on!
      so far i’ve worn the necklace & buttons, read the book, and will definitely use the other things as soon as the opportunity arises. 😉

  2. Congrats ! i understand your excitement opening the box as even I was excited, when reading, to find out what was in it. So many cute things. Great picture of you – huikean kaunis 🙂

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