nutella vs baking chocolate

if you’ve been following my blog for years now you would know that i really am no expert in baking. in fact, i just started about 2 years ago, baking Rotiboy buns.

well, now it was time for me to try other recipes. and since i’m basically such a laaaaazy lazy person, i preferred of course super easy recipes. the theme this time is chocolate cakes.

the first super easy recipe was so easy, i nearly didn’t believe it would work at first. it’s called Nutella Brownies – Three Ingredients. instead of brownies, i made it into muffins.


the only thing i added was baking powder, because frankly, i couldn’t bear the thought of the dough failing to rise just because it’s missing baking powder (especially since Nutella is quite pricey here… i needed to succeed!). i only added half a teaspoon of it.

the result was good, although since i couldn’t calculate how many muffins the dough would make i ended up pouring too little amount into each mold, hence the mini looking muffins.

however, my husband wasn’t quite satisfied. he insisted that i try the old-fashioned recipe, using a regular baking chocolate. well, of course my initial reaction was to groan and moan, thinking that it involved lots of other ingredients and swearing words.

but then i found this recipe, called Easy Double Chocolate Chip Brownies. it looked easy enough, i dared myself to try it. i changed the “Nestle” chocolate parts with any kind of regular baking chocolate that i could find in the nearest supermarket, preferably a dark one with minimum amount of sugar. also, i didn’t add any nuts.

the preparation was incredibly easy and guess what: not one swearing word came out from me! whoopee! 😀

the first time i made it, i did everything by the “book”… and ended up with super sweet brownies. also, i made a mistake of cutting & eating them when they just came out from the oven, so the choco chip were all melted and the surface was all ruined and stuffs. not such a photogenic result.

so i made it a second time with less sugar (half the amount of what is written in the recipe), and waited patiently till it’s cooled down, and then we even put it in the fridge for a while before finally eating them.

browniessmall2and the verdict: the old school baking chocolate recipe takes the cake! it was just delicious & super chocolatey, so if you’re looking for a true chocolate brownie recipe, i suggest you use regular baking chocolate instead of Nutella. (especially if you don’t really care for the nuts, like me.)


have a chocolatey weekend, everyone!


4 thoughts on “nutella vs baking chocolate

  1. wohoo….I haven’t even tried the nutella muffins yet, and now you have gone and made real chocolate brownies…..hehehehe…… Hope some day soon I can try it out!

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