love is a many layered thing

i don’t usually sew one-coloured/solid-coloured fabrics. i always go for print because in my mind that’s what makes the end result special: having a one of a kind print in a one of a kind style. but lately i’ve been having a difficult time choosing what to wear for work, because almost everything in my closet has print. ugh.

that’s when i knew it was time for me to open my mind towards one-coloured fabrics. or even colourless fabrics.


self-made blouse and skirt, H&M necklace.

like i once said here, i still think it would be nice to have a close-to-normal white buttoned up shirt. my last attempt at doing that was nowhere near normal, so here’s another one.

i decided to make it from polyester crepe fabric with a tiny bit of stretch, and all the time thinking what i could do to make it a little bit more “me” even when it’s just a plain white fabric. and then, i got it! i want the blouse to have layers, similar to those on trench coats.

image borrowed from

first, i began by looking for a basic buttoned up shirt pattern for the base. i used pattern no. 119 from BurdaStyle magazine 06/2013.


i didn’t make the pockets and also changed the shape of the sleeves which was easier to sew. and then i added the “layers” to both sides of the blouse.

i thought i was so great for coming up with this layered blouse idea, but as i tried it on, i suddenly got reminded of a blouse my sister had some time in the ’90s, with the exact same layers & in the exact same colour, with the exact same sleeves… i have yet to confirm this memory of mine with my sister, but i regret to say that i’m not as original as i thought i was. :p


i only encountered one problem while sewing this… and it was because of my own laziness (of course, what else?). i knew that normally you should put an interfacing fabric on the collar part, but since i only had a stiff one, ie. not the thin woven kind, i decided to just omit it. and my, what a mistake.

layerblouse5i stupidly thought that the only difference the interfacing would do was make the sewing easier… well, now i know–the hard way–that without the interfacing for this kind of fabric the collar would just be out of shape. snick.


by then it was too late already to add it afterwards. thankfully i got this fabric only for about 5 € (it was around 1,6 m long, and 1,5 m wide). but anyhow… i still like the overall result. it’s 99% exactly like how i envisioned it (and 99% exactly like the blouse that my sister used to have, as well, maybe). and i think, if i’m careful enough, you can’t really see the faulty on the collar. *crosses fingers*.


i have to admit, i didn’t think sewing a one-coloured fabric could be interesting, too. all the time, i was only worrying about how every mistake can be seen since there’s no print/pattern to hide the seams. but on the other hand, since there’s no print to distract the eyes, i can play around with the seams & cuts.


now that i know how to do this kind of blouse, i might just make another one… perhaps in another colour, and why not do more layers and use 2-3 more colours? yes, i think i have become friends now with one-coloured fabrics, in fact, i may just love it as much as printed fabrics! after all, love is a many layered thing.



4 thoughts on “love is a many layered thing

  1. I still think this blouse is a great success, even with the “faulty” collar (which isn’t even that noticeable). Now I am starting to imagine how your next multicoloured layers blouse would look like 😀

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