little planes for a little guy

now that i’ve somewhat gotten the hang of my overlocker, i decided it’s time again to do some quick & easy project for a baby.


self-made baby pants

when i first saw the fabric, of course i got reminded of my husband who is plane crazy… i mean, crazy about planes. 😀 but since the print is really small, i thought it would look better as a kid’s clothing rather than for an adult. so, pants for little A it is!

image borrowed from

the pattern is no. 137C from BurdaStyle magazine 05/2015. i thought the knee patches look so adorable. i was lucky to still have a bit of reddish orange jersey left from my previous sewing projects, and it was just the perfect size for the knee patches, waistband, and the edges of the leg parts.


the plane fabric is jersey that is made of mostly cotton + a bit of elastane. in reality, the background colour of the plane jersey is a stronger light blue than in these pics. i couldn’t make the pics’ colours look realistic enough, egh.

since i was too lazy to put the interfacing on the knee patches, i of course encountered a big problem when sewing them on to the pants. they would’ve been “stabilized” with the interfacing, so that i would’ve been able to sew good oval shapes on them. but instead i made those uneven sewing lines, so i figured i would just sew each of them twice in completely different directions in order for them to look like it was meant to be uneven like that. 😉


just for a size comparison, i took a picture of the pants with my hand on it… see how small they are? ❤


there’s wide elastic band inside the waistband, to make sure the diaper stays put! 😀


and as for the itty bitty edges of the leg parts, they are just made of folded/double-layered jersey.

it took me about 3 hours from copying the pattern to sewing the last stitch. i had so much fun making them, and thought that even if the parents didn’t like the pants then it’s okay. it was more of a practice thing for me anyway.

but when i gave the pants to them yesterday and little A was there too, he got so excited, took the pants close to his face and started mumbling happily while looking at them. ❤ there’s nothing more precious than that! i THINK he loved them. 😀


9 thoughts on “little planes for a little guy

    • hi there! i bought the fabric from a local fabric store here in Finland, and unfortunately they don’t have any online store. but i’m sure you can search for similar ones in 🙂 hope you’ll find it!

      • oh, sorry to hear that. 😦 i can’t help you though, because this fabric i bought was also only in a small piece, sold in one of the boxes of kilo-priced fabrics with other jerseys… so there’s no brand name or anything.

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