self-made top, HEMA Jip & Janneke singlet (worn underneath top), Marimekko x H&M shorts, watermelon playing cards from AJ.

i have a confession. after all the things i wrote on my previous blog post, i do have some food that i just don’t like, no matter how many times i’ve tried eating it. one of them is watermelon. i don’t hate it, but if i can choose any fruit i want, watermelon would be at the bottom of my list.

however, i like the colours of watermelon. i also like drawings/prints of watermelons. i think it’s a cute image, and proof that green and red can go together without looking christmas-y.

and watermelon was the first thing that came to my mind when i saw this fabric. and especially so when i was done sewing it. though there’s no watermelon at all in the print, the colours are just so watermelon-like.

this was one of the fabrics i got for 10€ for a whole plastic bag full of all kinds of fabrics. this one is 100% polyester and the size was around 120 x 60 cm. just enough for me to test one pattern, number 132 from BurdaStyle magazine 06/2015.

picture borrowed from BurdaStyle.com.

the pattern was meant for 158 cm tall girls, but luckily it’s loose enough so i can fit right in without any closures nor difficulties.watermelontopdetail1


i modified the shoulder straps into some sort of sleeves, though i should’ve made them a bit wider and as fuller circles, because i meant them to be a bit flowy… instead they just sort of hang there on my shoulders. but whatever. this was meant to be a test, anyway, and thankfully it’s still wearable, so no problem here! 🙂

watermelontop2it was a very quick project to finish, the longest time i spent was on determining the length of the shoulder straps/sleeves.


i don’t know if i will still have time to actually wear this top this summer (summer is ending soon here… supposedly). but the colours of this top always make me smile, because it’s just so crazy, psychedelic, and brings summer to my mind.


so, all together now (singing in the tune of Lady Gaga’s Paparazzi song):

I’m your biggest fan
I’ll follow you until you love me


18 thoughts on “wa-wa-watermelon

  1. aw…aw…awwww…… mighty cute!! Absolutely love the colors and the design ❤ Really hope for you the summer days will last long enough for you to wear this outfit!

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