Moomins for every occasion

moomindress3why look so gloomy?

lift up your hat and show us your smile…

moomindress1… because the Moomins have come to stay!

i was window shopping one day and came across a Finlayson store. at the back of the store, there were some stuffs that was sold for ridiculously cheap prices, and among those stuffs i found this lovely Moomin fabric called Juhlamuumi (= party Moomin). and then it struck me how i never had any Moomin-patterned clothings, even though: a. i have lived here for a while, b. i have learned how to sew, and c. cute & childish prints are my middle names.

i must admit that i did not watch nor read Moomins when i was little. the first time i saw Moomins was in the Japanese magazines i so loved when i was in college. it wasn’t until years later that i found out that Moomins actually come from Finland!

this fabric stayed in my closet for about 2 months before i finally decided what to make of it. i knew i wanted to make a shirt or shirt dress, but didn’t know what style it would be until i saw this.

i was intrigued by the pockets with ties, because the ties go through the top part of the pockets but they are actually loose so you can pull it to make the pockets ruffle up a bit, yet still fully functioning as pockets. nice idea, but quite complicated to make! luckily i had my co-worker, J, to help! she solved the puzzle in a few hours whereas i lost a few nights’ sleep just to figure out how to sew it. 😀 thank you, J!

for the base pattern, i used the V pattern from Ihanat Mekot ja Tunikat book vol. 1 (originally called Stylish Dress Book).

i then made the collar to be scallop-edged instead of straight, added a heart window at the back, and shortened the sleeves.


moomindress5i was worried that because of the pale colours, i wouldn’t look good in it. or then i would look like a babysitter/nurse, you know, since they usually use this kind of shirt dress.

moomindress4but then i thought… so what if i do? both jobs are cool, and you can’t go wrong with Moomins. (my husband thinks i look even more like a Japanese in this dress. no objections here!)


self-made dress, Bianco shoes, & Other Stories hat.

i’m very happy with the result. it makes me want to run around and do silly things! it’s just so comfortable to wear and there’s just something about wearing Moomins, especially Party Moomin. 🙂 this shirt dress certainly makes me feel like i have Moomins for every occasion. ❤

14 thoughts on “Moomins for every occasion

  1. OK…Can I tell you this is the best ever dress you make Cos + Moomin! both things I love. Just bought two dresses from cos on sale. I do get what you are saying with the colours, If there is a choice I would choose brighter colours. Wouldn’t you?

  2. Ahhhhhh!! I’m obsessed with this one! I hadn’t heard of Moomins, but now I’m sure I’m totally obsessed with them. What a fun and lively print and you totally made it all grown-up! LOVE IT! 🙂

    • thanks, glad you like it! you should definitely check out the Moomins, they’re cute & so huggable. there was just a full length Moomins movie called “Moomins on the Riviera” a little while ago, and their books are of course also on sale on online stores like Amazon. 🙂

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