peekaboo grandma

for the past few years, quilted fabrics have been on trend, and i don’t only mean in wintertime. when the trend just began, the fabrics that i saw at stores were still thick and boring (to me). but nowadays, they finally make thinner ones, in fun colours and quilt patterns.


H&M t-shirt, self-made skirt and necklaces, unbranded tights, Crocs ballerinas, Miffy watch.

the one i used for this project is a quilted jersey fabric. i love the colours & print, but when i started sewing it, i couldn’t help but got reminded of old granny’s jackets. 😀 it’s not that far off, since this quilted jersey fabric is also 100% polyester. if only there isn’t the print & popping colours, let’s say if it’s a cream coloured quilted fabric instead, you can easily imagine an old granny wearing it as an in-between-seasons jacket.


i also had been meaning to use this new lace zipper. the nicest thing about it is that you sew the zipper on top of the fabric–just like any other exposed zipper–so it’s pretty handy for a lazy seamstress like me. the zipper i got was 50 cm long, and it’s the kind that you can open completely from the bottom (= jacket zipper). so to jazz up this granny fabric, i decided to combine the two and make a pencil skirt.

as i was sewing it, i got struck by yet another idea to make this skirt a bit less grandma-ish and more ‘me’. so in went the pink tulle fabric!


that’s where the name ‘peekaboo grandma’ comes from. the fabric is otherwise granny-like, but thanks to the peekaboo factor from the tulle, it becomes a different kind of grandma!

quiltedskirt3 i used Burda pattern no. 7660 and modified it as i went along. this was my second project using my overlocker. (yep, still loving it!)


i’ve been having sore throat and feeling icky for a few days now, so when i felt too tired to do anything else i made myself these lovely ‘accordian’ necklaces.


i learned to do the accordian thing with ribbons when i was in elementary school (i think everyone in my hometown had to go through the same thing back then!). and then some few years ago i started seeing them as necklaces in COS and other stores, and i thought… i could just make them myself! and so i did, the very simplified versions of it, with no chains nor fake jewels. just ribbons! they are 2 separate ones: the yellow one uses a 2 cm wide grosgrain ribbon, 6 m long. the pink one uses a 1 cm wide grosgrain ribbon (with white polkadots!), 8 m long. first, i cut about 50-60 cm long of the ribbon and save it for the straight part. the rest goes to the accordion shape.

if you really want to learn how to do it, here’s a great tutorial for a better looking one. 🙂

quiltedskirt4i love love love the outcome of everything! seems like the negative energy/curse had finally passed me (except i still have this sore throat, meh), for my current projects are going well again. now all i need to do is rest–kind of hard when i have to go to work everyday–so i can be free to enjoy the long awaited spring days with these lovelies! ❤


12 thoughts on “peekaboo grandma

  1. Awwww, VERY VERY COOL!!! Love ALL of it!! This project is really a great success 😀 And the colour combination suits you so well!

  2. Whoaa..the skirt is so cute Puni! and the see through above the hem makes it more special. I like it a lot, the whole thing..the pattern, design and the fabric.

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