an orange (coat) a day…

… gives me enough stress to call it a day. a reminder to myself: next time you want to sew a coat with a collar without actually knowing how to do it and all you have for instructions are meaningless words (no pictures/images), DON’T even attempt to do it.


second hand shirt from Pasar Senen – Jakarta, Magnolia knit top, culottes from ITC Permata Hijau – Jakarta, self-made coat, H&M socks, Bianco shoes.

God knows how many swearing words came out from my mouth in the process of sewing the collar. it’s still not perfect, but that’s the best i could come up with, without really understanding what the h**l i was supposed to do.

anyway. i actually cut this fabric more than a year ago. January 2014. just cutting the fabric tired me so much that i abandoned the project for so long. i picked it up again last Friday. thousands of swearing & things-throwing later, i finally finished it. and yet i felt that it missed something. that’s when i decided to add a bit of detail, just to personalize the coat.


the appliqués are made using a scrap of the Melli Mello fabric, ironed on a one-sided fusible fabric (interfacing), and then sewn into place by hand (some swearings went to this process as well, maybe i should name this coat “the Swearing Coat”?). i added a small diamond-like button to the lady silhouette & used the chain stitch to make a necklace chain. not so bad result, i think.

the pattern i used is number 101 from Burda Style magazine 08/2012. the fabric is a mysterious upholstery jacquard that costed 3€/m. mysterious, because i have no idea what the material itself is, but it feels like cotton blend, perhaps with polyester. i must admit, i got interested to this fabric mainly because of the cheap price, and i kind of like the herringbone weaving pattern.


picture borrowed from Burda Style magazine 08/2012.


for one half of the pockets, i used another fabric. i meant to put them on the other side (the one closer to the skin), but instead i made a mistake and sewed them on the wrong side. *sigh* yeah, i made quite a lot of mistakes here.

i didn’t bother with the lining. that’s another thing i haven’t learned how to do properly, and since i had lost my temper too many times with this project, i decided to just let it be without any. i actually also tried to use the serger/overlocker to finish the seam allowances, but i haven’t managed to find the right setting and ended up cutting a crucial part of a seam allowance as well.

orangecoat4i sewed the arm holes by hand, and some other things i also sewed by hand because i again couldn’t figure out how to do them properly.


the hemline was done by sewing machine, but since the fabric is so thick, even though i had ironed it before this photo shoot, it still showed the fold line.


oh dear, now i’m making it sound like a cursed coat! nonetheless, when i wear the coat i don’t think you can see all those negativities (hopefully!). if i were to count the good things it would be: 1. the closure of this coat is snap buttons, and i did them very easily with no fuss at all; 2. the sleeves were a breeze to sew as well, with all seams smoothly attaching perfectly into place.

orangecoat5i think the negativity actually comes more from my personal life lately. i haven’t been blogging for a while, nor read other people’s blogs either. i have no special reason. just feeling like i have nothing good to share, nothing worthy of writing. i think i’m getting over that period… we’ll see.

but for the time being, thanks for visiting my tiny old blog, whoever you are. hopefully the next time i write, it will be full of positivity again.


8 thoughts on “an orange (coat) a day…

  1. so glad you are back!!! ummm seriously, you cannot see a single mistake in that jacket! We are always hardest on ourselves, at least I know I certainly am! But what you made turned out completely beautiful 🙂 you go!!

    • thanks so much, not only for the warm welcome but for your sweet comment. 🙂 i think you’re right, i’m also always so hard on myself in terms of sewing. you just completely made my day though. 🙂

  2. Now you’re really becoming like Oma, with her applique stuff 🙂 [the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, even 3rd generation apples, hahaha] You just have to sew them on with the zig-zag stitch like Oma 😀
    Congrats again on the accomplishment of making a nice coat!!!

    • hehe, that’s a great honour for me to be compared to Oma. 😀 i can’t sew the appliqués with zig-zag stitch even if i want to, my sewing machine doesn’t have a small enough option for zig-zag stitch for it nor can i use the “free hand” style with my machine. i think it’s good sometimes to rely on hand stitches. 🙂

  3. Aaah I have been in a slump too lately, I have got a few things I can write about but just can’t seem to find the motivation to do it. I think I’m just a bit bored. Coat looks lovely, amazing pockets (i Love a good pocket). My current coat looks a bit like that but it is green, and vintage hohoho, definitely can’t make it. 🙂

    • i guess i was also bored, and perhaps feeling somewhat virtually asocial, if that makes sense. :p but hop hop, i’m back now! yay! and thanks for the compliment, would love to see your vintage green coat one day, it sounds so cool! 🙂

    • uff, you are absolutely right, sewing a coat is complicated, especially if it has a collar! hopefully this coat lasts for a long time so i won’t have to make one any time soon, LOL. thank you for the sweet comment! 🙂

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