new additions to the family!

there have been some good news within our family lately, both of them about new additions to the family.


self-made baby shirt, front view.


self-made baby shirt, back view.

before you get too excited, this baby t-shirt is NOT for my own baby (and no, i’m not having one, yet). but this is one of the new additions i was talking about, as my husband and i just became a new uncle & aunt from my husband’s side of the family. 🙂

just a few days ago, my husband’s sister gave birth to a healthy & super cute baby boy and we are so delighted! welcome to the world, little A!

as this is my husband’s first time of having a direct nephew (i’ve had my share of being a direct aunt to my sister’s daughter), he just can’t stop thinking about little A. actually, neither can i! so i decided to make a little something for him.

and this was where the second new addition to our family entered the picture.

saumurithat’s right, please welcome my very first overlocker (serger)!! ❤

i had been dreaming of having an overlocker ever since i learned how to sew, but they’re just so expensive that in the end i never bought it. expensive = over 700€ for the new ones, and the used ones are usually around 300€. i mean, i think i’d prefer using that kind of money for some other things, unless i am seriously pursuing a career as a seamstress (maybe one day!).

but then i saw this one from for about 130€. the brand is unheard of (i believe it’s Verkkokauppa’s own), and it took me a while to decide whether or not i should buy it, because who knows what the quality is like?

after reminding myself that i’m only a beginner (with no previous knowledge/experience of using an overlocker, EVER) and that i would probably never want to pay 700€ for a machine which i don’t know how to use yet, i finally decided to take the chance. at least if it turned out to be a bad quality machine, i didn’t spend that much on it.

when the machine first arrived, i was quite intimidated by it! 4 rolls of threads, heavy machine… so different than my sewing machine! this looked so complicated! the manual book was in Suomi, so i had to read and re-read it many times to make sure i got everything understood perfectly & correctly. today, i gave it a try to actually sew something.

and let me tell you: IT WAS A GREAT BUY!!! i’m so happy i decided to get this machine, i LOVE it!!

babyowl3this is my first time ever of sewing a baby garment. all this time, when sewing a knit/jersey fabric, i got by with using my only sewing machine because adults don’t need as much stretch in their clothes as little kids/babies. but since this tiny baby needs to be able to move freely & feel comfy, the overlocker is necessary to make the seams more stretchy.

so this shirt is done 80% using the overlocker, and 20% using the normal sewing machine. the pattern i used is pattern no. 129 from Burda Style magazine 11/2014.

babyowl4it was also my first time of trying the twin needle on my normal sewing machine. (yep, all this time i had never dared to try it!!) i used it for the bottom of the sleeves and the hemline. since my sewing machine is basically still dying (as it turns out… snick!), sometimes it missed a lower stitch and jumped to the next one. it helped when i made the stitch length a bit smaller, hopefully little A’s parents won’t mind them!

babyowl5i wonder now why i didn’t dare to try sewing with the twin needle before. there was absolutely nothing to be afraid of!

this was all done today, and i haven’t even told the proud parents yet. i do hope they will like it, and that little A will also like wearing it. but whatever they say, i’m a bit proud of myself. it’s a nice small (or actually, pretty big!) achievement for me to finally be able to sew with an overlocker! yay me!

10 thoughts on “new additions to the family!

  1. Congrats to the overlocker. The overlocker and and using the twin needle will take you to a next level. The baby shirt is adorable. Can’t wait to see more things soonest 🙂

  2. Hohoho! I was ready to congratulate you on the new baby. But an overlocker is much more useful I guess, hahahah just kidding. But seriously they are so useful to sew right? Maybe that is what is stopping me to sew, the non existence of overlocker. It just makes live so much easier. Look forward to seeing more.

    • LOL, thank you, dear!! not sure if an overlocker is more useful than a baby, i do like them both! 😀 but you’re right, an overlocker makes life a LOT easier. even so, you can actually get by with just a normal sewing machine, like i did for many years before now! with my super basic overlocker, i still need my sewing machine anyway. *trying to push you to just take the plunge & start sewing already* *wink wink*

    • thank you! haha, it took me years to get over my own fear of using the twin needle! but it really isn’t as hard as it seems. 🙂 next time you’re shortening a t-shirt’s hem, you should definitely try using it!

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