The White Stones and the Dragon

it’s not a title for a new Kung Fu movie, just what came to my mind when i was sewing these two new projects of mine. because, well, the patterns suggested them.


self-made shirt and pants, & Other Stories top (worn under shirt), husband’s tie, shoes from Dappermarkt – Amsterdam.

but i will attempt to write a story about them. let’s start with the dragon (pants).

once upon a time i saw a beautiful dragon (fabric) and immediately tamed it. it is made of polyester satin and as you can see on the picture, it’s mostly black with repeats of the dragon print every 80-90 cm. and then, years from that encounter, i spotted a beautiful pants pattern on a local Finnish handicraft magazine called Moda, issue no. 09/2014 .

Moda092014_pantsimgif you remember my Boyfriend jeans that came to life because of the Finnish pattern company called Named Clothing, the 2 sisters behind the brand is currently contributing to this magazine as the pattern designers for all of the clothes featured in the magazines. not sure for how long, but the last time another designer did this, it lasted about a year. lucky me for living in Finland & having access to this magazine!

so i decided to turn my beautiful dragon into these lovely pants. it proved to be a hard thing to do, as you might know dragons are hard to train. in other words, my basic sewing skills & sewing machine had a hard time adjusting to sewing this flimsy & flowy material into something as “structured” as these pants. but with perseverance, i finally finished them and the outcome is… not so bad! the hemlines are a bit sloppy, but i’ll do better next time.


the yellow zipper was just for fun (i can’t live with just black, unfortunately). i put the prints asymmetrically on purpose, giving the pants tiny surprises on every angle (at least that was my idea!).

dragonwhitestones3one thing i must say about this pattern is that i wish the leg parts were a bit wider. for people with big calves like me i found the bottom of these pants much too tight. and i already used one size larger than usual. i refuse to believe i’m THAT overweight. but otherwise, the Named Clothing girls really know what they’re doing. for the second time, i applaud for their brilliant pattern!

dragonwhitestones4on yet another adventure, i found myself getting attracted to white sheer fabrics. must be my “this year’s trend”, because i ended up getting heaps of white sheer fabrics of all kinds. most of them have white patterns on white background, and this particular one has white stones patterns. the “print” is made by combustion printing (polttopainettu in Finnish). and oh, another thing: this fabric is originally for curtains. it is 100% polyester, and very similar to organza.

anyway, seeing the white stones (fabric), i immediately thought of making a buttoned up shirt. just a simple one, because the fabric itself is already special (hello? transparent blouse??? all the seams & seam allowances will be shown in public???). for the pattern, i used the same one as my first attempt to make a common buttoned up shirt, pattern no. 103 from BurdaStyle magazine issue no. 05/2012.burda103-052012for the collar i used percale cotton. i changed the sleeves to a different model, because… actually, i don’t remember why. i guess i just wanted it to have long-ish sleeves (but too lazy to make proper cuffs, etc.), so i chose a pretty simple model with some gatherings on the top and bottom. for the sleeve cuffs, i used the same material as the collar.


after i was done sewing this, i went for a small webstore browsing, and guess what i saw in COS webstore?

cossheerblousethis time, i swear i didn’t copy them! but it’s such a nice coincidence, and makes me feel like i can now predict what’s going to be on trend. ha!

dragonwhitestones2i reaaallly love the outcome. since this is my first time of sewing organza-like fabric into something–again–more structured (the only other time i made it to this circle skirt), i just found out that it’s actually a LOT easier than, say, satin or chiffon fabrics. although it’s sheer like chiffon, but it has a lot more volume and stiffness that it’s easy to maneuver while sewing.

dragonwhitestones5and that was how the dragon ended up in the bottom of the white stones. the end!

14 thoughts on “The White Stones and the Dragon

    • ahaha, dimaapin kok kegagalan fokusmu, abis komennya bikin hati adem. 😀 makasih yaaaaaaaa!! (psst, padahal ini lagi stress liat timbangan badan naik mulu tiap minggu, uuuugggggghhhhh….)

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    • hi, it fits perfectly! this was my second time using the pattern, the only ‘problem’ was that i didn’t realize i have gained that much weight (and size!) so this one ended up a tiny bit too tight on the chest area for me. but if you measure yourself first & check the Burda Style table to see what size you should use, i’m sure it would work fine. the top is meant to be tight-fitting, after all. 🙂

      good luck trying the pattern, i would love to see the result when you’re done!

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