my sewing weapon(s) of choice

as i was browsing through other seamstresses’ blogs some time ago, it suddenly occured to me that i’ve never shown my sewing knickknacks to anyone. i mean, other than my husband and his family who had sometimes came to our place while i was sewing, no one has actually seen my sewing weapons of choice. other seamstresses would lovingly take pictures of their ongoing projects, along with their lovely sewing machines and sewing accessories, and fabric collections, and whatever else… whereas i would usually just take pictures of the finished sewing project. just for my own recording (in case i move on to much better weapons in the future… right) and for fun, i’m gonna give a small tour to my sewing land and its inhabitants.


my so-called sewing land is actually our living room. where is my sewing machine, you ask? it’s in this mirrored closet.


many years ago, i sewed a cover for it using a heavyweight cotton fabric and ‘coated’ it with adhesive plastic so that it would be easy for me to clean it. nowadays that i keep it inside a closet, it doesn’t seem necessary to put a dirt-proof cover, but it still helps so that no dust will rest inside the machine (since i generally hate cleaning my machine). when i’m about to sew, i would just put the sewing machine on my desk and start sewing. when i’m done, i (try to) clean up the table, put the sewing machine back under its cover and back to the closet.

machine cover

and this is what the machine itself looks like.


it’s a real basic sewing machine, bought when i had no experience in sewing at all, so of course i chose the cheapest yet one that still has quite okay quality. it has now served me for almost 7 years. :’)

anyway, if we go back to the mirrored closet… on each side of the sewing machine, you’ll see some plastic containers. they contain… my lovely fabrics. and there’s another one of those on the top shelf… and even more fabrics are still in their plastic bags at our storage downstairs. 😀 perhaps now you’ll truly understand when i say i’m addicted to fabrics.


next, we move on to the sewing accessories. they are mainly kept in one compartment of this bookshelf right next to my desk, and some are in one of those green boxes kept on the same bookshelf.


my ‘starter kit’ i got from Jakarta, thanks to my mum, consists of fabric scissors, coloured carbon copy tracing paper, tracing wheel, chalk, and seam ripper, and white sewing thread. those were the first things i got. then i realized i needed sewing pins (doh!) and transparent pattern paper (for tracing patterns). so i got those here instead. another important thing to have: sewing machine oil to clean your sewing machine once in a while.


the small box on the pic is a second ‘starter kit’ i bought from Lidl, and let me tell you, it’s very handy to have one of these! once you start sewing passionately, you start to realize how annoying it is to change the thread on your lower bobbin if you only have 3-4 bobbins. you need at least 10 or 15 bobbins. and the small fabric scissors are easier for me to maneuver, so if i’m not cutting thick fabrics i actually prefer to use these small ones.

so, you’ve got the sewing machine, the sewing accessories, the fabrics… what else is missing? well, for me, the answer would be clothing patterns! i guess it’s a different matter if you can draft your own pattern, but since i’m still learning, having ready patterns is a big help.


just like fabrics, i’m also addicted to patterns. like… seriously. see this mini drawer? well, the only drawer that does NOT contain my patterns are the top most. there must be around 200 patterns in total, give or take.


most of them are Burda patterns. the vintage patterns were from the lovely writer of Indonesia In My Pocket blog. since there are soooo many of these patterns, i put them here in numerical order and made the inventory/list on my computer based on what type of clothing the patterns are. so if i want to make, say, a dress, all i have to do is type “dress” and it will show all dress patterns that i have (= a lot!) for me to choose from. the other patterns are my own tracings from my Japanese pattern books and BurdaStyle magazines.

oh, right, my Japanese pattern books and BurdaStyle magazines. they’re here on yet another bookshelf.


and then, as you may have noticed from my finished sewing project pictures lately, another important part of my sewing life is my twin.


since i am still learning to make my own patterns, draping the fabrics on my twin aka dummy is the dumb way to learn how to actually make the clothes. it costed around the same as my sewing machine, so yes, this and my sewing machine are one of my most prized possessions!

i would still love to someday have a better sewing machine and also a serger (overlocker), but since they cost so damn much here–even the used ones–i guess i’ll still have to make do with my lill ol’ sewing machine. 🙂

and that is all! actually, looking at these & writing these down made me worry a bit. have i probably gone a bit overboard with all those patterns and fabrics? but then, remembering the other seamstresses’ blogs, i guess not. and my co-workers actually also have the same problem as me. 😀 as long as i keep creating things from these fabrics and learning at the same time, it can’t really be a bad thing, can it? after 7 years of sewing, i think it’s safe to say that this hobby of mine is not going to die away anytime soon, so i believe that all these things are good investments and they’re all for a good cause. 😉


9 thoughts on “my sewing weapon(s) of choice

  1. I am really happy for you that you have such a great passion for sewing. So there’s always something to look forward to, get immersed in…… That’s great! 🙂

  2. So nice of you to show your sewing “knickknacks” 🙂
    I envy you your well organized cabinets and drawers as well as the “inventory list”. I should organize my pictures. Maybe I will some day.

    • ooh, these well organized cabinets & drawers are all mainly because i’m practically hopeless in cleaning the house… this gives me a shortcut because i don’t have to clean them one by one, it’s enough that i clean the cabinets & drawers, LOL. 😀

      the inventory list i did with a simple windows word program using tables with the patterns’ numbers and descriptions (keywords). good luck with organizing your pictures! 🙂

  3. Astagahhh rumahnya rapi amaaattt!! Gue langsung panic ngeliat ruang tamu gue yg kayak kaleng rombeng, jemuran baju, maenan kucing, dan more baju! hahaha. Organized banget deh, sukaaa!

    • heheh, ini karena kami ngga punya peliharaan & suami gue suka gatel kalo liat rumah berantakan, jadinya bisa rapih. :p coba liat jaman gue dulu masih tinggal di Jkt, mana pernah deh keliatan lantai kamar gue.

      anyway, boleh sini gue bikinin cover mesin jahit. tapi bahannya pake bahan lain ya, soalnya udh ga punya yg ini. minta ukurannya ya, panjang x lebar x tinggi (ukur yg paling maksimum), and fyi ini cover ngga nutup bagian bawahnya yah. bener2 cuma nutup bagian atasnya mesin ajah biar ga debuan. jadi ngga bentuk tas/kantong, gituh, heheh.. how does that sound?

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